Texas Tech Graduate Courses in Technical Communication, Summer 2005

Distance Courses (section 270/271 or 370/371, 6:00 � 7:30 p.m.)  [Descriptions below]

Note:  All online students register for section 270 or 271 except non-Texas-resident online doctoral students, who register for section 370 or 371.

Course Title Instructor Date Section Call numbers
        section 270/1 section 370/1
ENGL 5362 Rhetorical Analysis Zdenek Thursdays 270 & 370 13505 13534

ENGL 5369 Discourse and Technology
"Computers and Writing"

Kemp Tuesdays 270 & 370 13506 13508
ENGL 5369 Discourse and Technology
"Hypertext Theory"
Lang Mondays 271 & 371 13530 13531
ENGL 5387 Publication Management Baehr Wednesdays 270 & 370 13510 13625

the following course is officially be a summer course, but will be available only to students who attend the 2-week May seminar.

ENGL 5388 Usability Testing Carter


270 & 370 13511 13626


ENGL 5362 Rhetorical Analysis.  The schedule is not done yet, but it should be uploaded in a few days.  

Here is the website:  http://www.faculty.english.ttu.edu/zdenek/courses/5362/summer05/index.html

ENGL 5369 Discourse and Technology (Computers and Writing).   http://ttopic.english.ttu.edu/manual/manualframe.asp?typeof=5369

ENGL 5369 Discourse and Technology (Hypertext Theory).  Description to follow.

ENGL 5387 Publication Management.  

This course will cover strategies of managing processes and knowledge that support the document publication process in a professional setting.  Specifically, work assignments will involve working with forms of print and online documentation, including static and dynamic Web sites.  Our work will involve many key issues in managing publication projects, including the process maturity model, content models and units, developing project plans, tracking systems, project standards, single-sourcing strategies, and methods of assessment.

ENGL 5388 Usability Testing. This course attempts to balance the theory of usability testing with the practice of actually conducting usability tests.  It aims for two distinct modes.  The first involves the concepts of usability testing, and will require that you do the assigned readings and participate fully in class discussion.  I will expect you to ask questions, to connect ideas from various readings, and to connect these theories to our activities in the actual usability lab. The second mode of this course involves spending time in the usability lab, plugging in wires, rolling tape, positioning microphones and cameras, digitizing and editing video, and generally becoming very familiar with the workings of gathering data. Although we will meet in the usability lab every other day for practical work, I expect you to schedule your own time in the lab in order to maximize your experience.

The lab experiences will take place during the May seminar for online doctoral students and the final papers will be due during the official summer session.

Course website (based on spring 05):  http://www.faculty.english.ttu.edu/carter/5388/

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