Texas Tech University

Graduate Courses

5000. Professional Development
Workshops on resumes, interviews, time management, and other issues related to being a professional.

5067. Methods of Teaching College Composition
Prerequisite: ENGL 5060. Introduces methods of teaching writing through assigned readings, supervised participation in teaching activities, and seminar discussion.

5300. Independent Study
Individual projects and/or research on topics that are either not offered during student's tenure or are very specialized.

5360. History and Theories of College Composition
Seminar in history and contemporary theories of composition and rhetoric studies. Required for all new teaching assistants and graduate part-time instructors.

5361. Introduction to Rhetorical Theory
Classical and modern theories of rhetoric and rhetorical activity.

5362. Rhetorical Analysis of Text
Classical and modern theories of rhetorical analysis.

5363. Composition Research
Survey of research methods in composition studies with emphasis on current research trends.

5364. History of Rhetoric
Survey of history and theories of rhetoric with an emphasis on applications to written communication.

5365. Studies in Composition
Consideration of classical and modern theories and research in written composition.

5366. Teaching Technical and Professional Writing
The theory and teaching of technical and professional writing with special attention to developing course objectives, syllabi, and teaching techniques.

5368. Studies in Written Argumentation
History and theories of written argumentation.

5369. Discourse and Technology
Study of the effects of computer networks and digitally mediated knowledge management on theoretical, practical, and pedagogical notions of discourse and discourse communities.

5371. Foundations of Technical Communication
Theory and practice of technical communication.

5372. Technical Reports
Theory and practice of reports and proposals.

5373. Technical Manuals
Theory and practice of manual development and design.

5374. Technical Editing
Substantive editing and design of technical documents.

5375. Document Design
Theory and practice of creating comprehensible, usable, and persuasive texts.

5376. Online Publishing
Design and testing of online documents to support instruction and information retrieval.

5377. Theoretical Approaches to Technical Communication
Intensive analysis and application of one or more theories of technical communication.

5378. Graduate Internship in Technical Communication
Substantial writing and editing experience combined with research.

5379. Empirical Research Methods in Technical Communication and Rhetoric
Prerequisite: ENGL 5363. Survey of empirical methods commonly used in TC&R research.

5381. Global Technical Communication 
Introduction to theories and practices in global technical communication.

5382. Theory and Research in the Written Discourses of Health and Medicine 
Current theory and research in the written discourses of health and medicine, focusing on the roles of technical and professional communicators.

5383. Grants and Proposals
Theoretical issues and practical experience dealing with the genre and process of writing grants and proposals.

5384. Rhetoric of Scientific Literature
Study of the role of rhetoric in the texts of scientific inquiry.

5385. Ethics in Technical Communication Definitions, philosophies, and applicability of ethics to technical communication problems and solutions.

5386. Written Discourse and Social Issues Study of uses of written discourse in problem solving on social issues involving science or technology.

5387. Publications Management
Strategies of managing processes and knowledge that support publication.

5388. Usability Testing
Methods of planning, conducting, and analyzing usability tests.

5389. Field Methods of Research
Survey of methods such as ethnography, observation, and participatory design with applications to research in rhetoric and technical communication.

5390. Writing for Publication
This course is designed to teach students in the graduate programs how to write clear and effective articles for professional journals in their field.

5391. Grants and Proposals for Nonprofits
This course is designed to teach students about the genre and process of writing grants and proposals for the specific needs of nonprofit organizations.

5393: Grants and Proposals for the Academy and Industry
This course is designed to teach students strategies and techniques for researching, writing, and editing grant proposals and business plans for the academy and industry.

6000. Master's Thesis Research Hours

7000. Qualifying Exam
A variable-credit course that is required of doctoral students who are conducting independent research, reading existing literature, and preparing to write their qualifying exams.

8000. Doctoral Dissertation Research Hours

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