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MA in Technical Communication

The MA in Technical Communication is a great way to show your mastery of technical communication skills for industry positions in technical writing, writing, editing, and management - or for further graduate study. Specific aims of study include knowledge of the history, theory, research, genres, principles, techniques, and practices of technical communication.

The program emphasizes five broad areas of scholarship in its scholarship, coursework, and initiatives:

The online version of the MATC parallels the onsite version in everything but medium. If you complete the online degree, your diploma will look just the diplomas of those who complete the onsite degree. Texas Tech's TCR program is a leader in innovative course delivery and pedagogy to meet the needs of working professionals.


Strengths of Our Program

Texas Tech offers:


Definition of Distance Learning and Program Goals

In distance learning graduate courses, students "meet" via the Internet rather than in classrooms at the university. Graduate distance learning courses are taught as organized courses on the semester schedule. Students are expected to meet course deadlines assigned by the instructor and to participate in a synchronous class discussions on one designated weekday during the semester.  A graduate level course requires a commitment of approximately ten hours per week for participating in group online activities, for reading, and for working on course projects.

The online version of the master's degree in technical communication provides professional development for people working in technical communication. It also provides the qualifications for entering the career for people in other career fields. The specific goals of graduate study are:



Upon completing the MATC curriculum successfully, students should be able to do the following:



Students’ success in meeting the outcomes stated above will be measured through the following means:


Online Program

Texas Tech is proud to offer its MA in Technical Communication via distance education. The degree is identical to the one we have offered on-site since 1992; all degree, coursework, and exam procedures are identical to the on-site degree.

Further information is available from the Associate Chair for Technical Communication, Dr. Amy Koerber  or the Director of Graduate Studies in TCR, Dr. Sean Zdenek 

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