Texas Tech University


The internship course in Technical Communication is ENGL 4378 (undergraduate) and ENGL 5378 (graduate). Internships require that you meet the course prerequisites, write a paper, and do a portfolio.

The TC program allows you to two options for internships:

Set up your own internship with a firm of your own selection

Apply for established internships for which there is an application process.

Setting up Your Own Internship

You may choose to find an internship in a city of your choice with a firm that you might want to work for.  Many companies offer internships that are not part of the TTU-TC internship program.  You can find out about these internships by contacting companies on your own (look on their web sites for recruitment or personnel sections), or you may discover internships offered through the TTU Career Center. To set up your own internship you would have to 1) have found an internship you want to apply for and 2) have contacted a TTU-TC faculty member who agrees to serve as your mentor

Applying for Established Internships

The TTU-TC Internship program offers semester and annual internships with established organizations in Lubbock and Texas.  These internships require an application and review process.

More Information

Please see Graduate and Undergraduate Internships: Technical Communication at TTU