Texas Tech University

Rhetoric, Composition, and Technology

The art, history, and theory of persuasion, argumentation, and expression and how such activities are applied and taught.


5060: History and Theory of Composition. Seminar in history and contemporary theories of composition and rhetoric studies. Required for all new teaching assistants and graduate part-time instructors.

5067: Methods of Teaching College Composition. Introduces methods of teaching writing through assigned readings, supervised participation in teaching activities, and seminar discussion.

5361: Introduction to Rhetorical Theory. Classical and modern theories of rhetorical invention.

5362: Rhetorical Analysis of Text. Classical and modern theories of rhetorical analysis.

5364: History of Rhetoric. Survey of history and theories of rhetoric with an emphasis on applications to written communication.

5368: Studies in Written Argumentation. History and theories of written argumentation.

5369: Discourse and Technology. Study of the effects of computer networks and digitally mediated knowledge management on theoretical, practical, and pedagogical notions of discourse and discourse communities.

Note: Some courses are onsite only.


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