Texas Tech University

Rhetorics of Science and Healthcare

Consideration of discourse and communication within scientific, technical, and medical fields.


5384: Rhetoric of Scientific Literature. The foundational, canonical course for the emphasis. It deals with rhetorical critique of classic science arguments, such as Darwin's Origin of the Species. It also introduces ideas developed further in the specialty courses.

5386: Discourse and Social Issues. Especially when it is taught with a focus on social issues also being those of a scientific nature (e.g. environmental, risk communication, classification, etc.).

5369: Discourse and Technology. Especially when it is taught with a focus on documentation of technology as used in the medical profession or in other applications of science.

5382: Theory and Research in the Written Discourses of Health and Medicine. Current theory and research in the written discourses of health and medicine, focusing on the roles of technical and professional.

Note: All courses may be repeated for credit when the topic varies.

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