Texas Tech University

Is Writing in Your Future?

Technical Communication & Rhetoric at Texas Tech is excited to offer a variety of courses to all graduate students of any major across campus. These courses are designed to provide training and practical hands-on experience with professional writing for and publishing in the academy, industry, and nonprofit organizations.

We can prepare you to:

  • Write grants, proposals, and reports for academia, industry, and nonprofit organizations
  • Publish in academia and industry

Do you need to publish in academia or industry?

Take English 5390: Writing for Publication.

This class prepares graduate students for publishing in the 21st century. You will learn the ins-and-outs of scholarly writing and publishing, focusing on the recent trends and changes that will prepare you for an academic career. The major project for the class is preparing and submitting a document for publication in your chosen field. The class reviews these scholarly genres such as the following: peer-reviewed articles, scholarly monographs (books), edited collections, webtexts, and book reviews.

Do you need to write effective and successful grants and proposals?

Take English 5393: Grants and Proposals for the Academy and Industry.

You will learn strategies and techniques for researching, writing, and editing grant proposals and business plans for the academy and industry. Employees in every business find themselves writing plans and proposals; academics also find themselves writing grant proposals with high stakes. From finding a funding opportunity, to researching projects, to writing persuasively about a project plan, to measuring success, this course covers all of the skills students need to be successful in preparing academic grant proposals and business plans and proposals.

Take English 5391. Grants and Proposals for Nonprofits.

Students in grants and proposals for nonprofits will learn about the genre and process of writing grants and proposals for the specific needs of nonprofit organizations. Topics will include understanding the process in the nonprofit community, locating funding opportunities, determining persuasive appeals, and writing and editing proposals. Students will be introduced to scholarship and research funding databases. Coursework will involve reading and writing and editing proposals. You will develop a relationship with a community-based nonprofit organization and work closely with that partner to write effective grants and proposals intended to provide real benefits to your nonprofit partner.

Do you need to write technical reports?

Take English 5372: Technical Reports.

You will learn how to create documents that support decision-making by identifying and analyzing real exegencies. Reports provide information on the feasibility or progress of activities, or on the status of scientific research. They are examples of rhetorical genres, or strategies available for social action. We will analyze existing documents using rhetorical theory and we will produce reports and proposals based on primary and secondary research.

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