Texas Tech University

Technology, Culture, and Rhetoric

History, theory, and analysis of tools, techniques, and epistemologies--including feminism, ethics, and intercultural analysis--in the production and reception of discourse.


5381: Global Technical Communication. Introduction to theories and practices in global technical communication.

5365: Alternative Rhetorics. Consideration of non-western, feminist rhetorical texts

5369: Discourse and Technology. Study of the effects of computer networks and digitally mediated knowledge management on theoretical, practical, and pedagogical notions of discourse and discourse communities.

5377: Theoretical Issues. Special topics in areas such as cultures, feminisms, and genres.

5385: Ethics and Technical Communication. Definitions, philosophies, and applicability of ethics to technical communication problems and solutions.

5386: Discourse and Social Issues. Study of uses of written discourse in problem solving on social issues involving science or technology.

Note: Some courses are onsite only.

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