Texas Tech University

Travel Reimbursement for Grad Students

Please read Plain and Simple Travel for Graduate Students for explicit directions on the kind of receipts to obtain during your trip.

  1. The Graduate School and the Travel Department will reject your reimbursement travel voucher if you do not submit the appropriate receipts.
  2. The Graduate School and the Travel Department require the *original* receipts. Be sure to make copies of all your receipts in the event they get lost during processing.
  3. Within 5 business days of your return - Submit your travel receipts to the Graduate School, which will process your travel voucher for reimbursement and will include the funding allotted to you by the English Dept.
  4. You will receive a Travel Bot email from the Travel Dept. indicating that a Travel Voucher was submitted for you. This is simply a reminder; you can delete the Travel Bot!
  5. You will forfeit your travel funds if you attempt to process your Travel Voucheronline. The Graduate School will immediately cancel your voucher and you will receive $0 for your travel expenses.
  6. If you applied for English Department funds in addition to Grad School funds, the Grad School must process both. If you ask the English Department to process your travel money first, your voucher will be cancelled and you will receive $0 from the Grad School.
  7. Your reimbursement can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Please be patient.

For further questions, contact Ashley in the front office or you can reach the Graduate School at 806.742.2781