Texas Tech University

Travel Application Process for Grad Students

What funding am I eligible for as a grad student?

You can receive $200 from the English Department.

You can receive matching amounts (and sometimes double matching amounts) from the Graduate School. You can receive this amount alone or you can apply for it in conjunction with the English Department's contribution.

When should I talk to Ashley about travel?

  • If you are considering attending a conference, see Ashley ASAP.
  • Even if you think you might not attend the conference, see Ashley anyway.

What do I do next?

English Department Funding

If you think your travel expenses will not exceed the department travel amount, request funding only with the English Department. Download the English Department Travel Application; complete the form and submit it to Ashley. Make sure the form is complete or it will be returned to you.

Graduate School Funding

If you would like Grad School funding either alone or in combination with the department's contribution, you should:

Be very thorough in completing your forms. An incomplete form or an incorrectly completed form can cause you to possibly lose travel funding.

What happens to the completed Grad School forms?

First, submit all forms to Ashley including the completed Graduate School Travel Request Application form.

Next, you'll find in your mailbox within a day or two:

  • the Graduate School Travel Request Application form with the Chair's signature;
  • the English Department Letter of Support.

If you're applying for both English Department and Grad School funding, make sure the English Department account number is on the Grad School application.

Where do I send the signed forms?

Finally, you'll send them via campus mail to the Graduate School. Remember, you must submit all Graduate School Travel forms and the English Department Letter of Support 30 days before your departure. Travel funds will not be granted on tardy travel requests.

When will I receive my reimbursement?

Expect to be out of pocket for a very long time; it can take as long as 3 to 6 months, (if not longer), before you'll receive your travel reimbursement.

Read the Wording Carefully

The Graduate School's publication Funding Guidelines contains very specific wording about the procedures for obtaining funds. Below are some important points from this document:

  • Funding allocations are at "the discretion of the executive committee and advisors of the Graduate School".
  • You "will forfeit ALL Graduate School travel funds" if you or any TTU staff person enters an application on the TTUHSC travel system. When you return from your trip, the Grad School MUST process your receipts first if you have requested their support. If you request processing of the English Department's $200 claim first, your Grad School funds are voided.
  • Traveling "without prior approval" for funds makes you ineligible for reimbursement.
  • When "funding is depleted" for the academic year, applications will no longer be processed. Funds can and do run out before the end of the year so apply early.