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Summer II 2005 | 3000 Level

English 3305

British Renaissance Literature

Feisal Mohamed

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English 3389
Section 001

Short Story
Culture, Crisis, Relationships

Ann Daghistany

The Short Story will provide the student with the eleven basic short story forms, using the approach of Comparative Literature, which establish the historical context for the form. It will begin with the Classical backgrounds of the short story and continue through the medieval period and the Rennaissance to the present day. The goals of the course include a greater appreciation of story reading, as well as a wider selection of forms and techniques for story writing. Requirements include a creative short story written especially for this class, a midterm, a final, an oral presentation, and weekly quizzes on the readings. The texts include Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Jhumpa Lahiri�s Interpreter of Maladies, and The Longman Masters of Short Fiction (2002 edition).