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Summer II 2006 | 4000 Level

English 4300

Individual Studies in English

Mike Schoenecke

Course number normally used for individual/independent studies arranged between an English professor and a student. Students must have already completed a course with the instructor. The instructor is not obligated to agree to supervise the independent study. The student will normally have a topic in mind and will approach the instructor for feasibility. A form, which may be picked up in EN 211C, must be filled out and approved by the Chair of the English Department. The form is then delivered to 211C and the advisor enrolls the student. The teacher submits the grade to the Chair for posting.

English 4374

Senior Seminar
What Can You Do with English?

Bryce Conrad

The subtitle for this senior seminar, "What Can You Do with English?" poses a question that is not merely meant to be rhetorical. We will reflect on what we have done as English majors, and we will explore the ways in which literature and the humanities play a vital role in our shared cultural life.

English 4378

Internship in Technical Communicationr

Thomas Barker

Internship arranged with director of technical communication. Contact Dr. Thomas Barker (thomas.barker@ttu.edu, EN 363E, 742-2501.)