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Summer I 2006 | 2000 Level

English 2305
Section 001,002

Introduction to Poetry


No description available.

English 2307
Section 002

Introduction to Fiction

Bethany Yates

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English 2308
Section 001

Introduction to Nonfiction

Monica Norris

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English 2311

Introduction to Technical Writing


English 2311 assists students in developing the writing ability required by their future professions. Six to nine writing assignments are required. Students in this class will analyze the communication situation fully and accurately (needs, audiences, uses, and constraints); gather, interpret, and document information logically, efficiently, and ethically; develop professional work and teamwork habits; and design usable, clear, persuasive, accessible workplace documents.

English 2351
Section 002

Introduction to Creative Writing

Mathew Purdy

No description available.