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Summer I 2007 | 3000 Level

English 3305
Section 001

British Renaissance Literature
Spenser and Milton

Feisal Mohamed

This course will focus on two tests with which all serious students of literature should acquaint themselves: Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene and John Milton's Paradise Lost. These are not only two great epic poems by two of the greatest of English poets; they also provide fascinating insight into the complex concerns of England's tumultuous sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: the impact of continental Renaissance thought, the institution of Reformed religion, and the location of political authority.

English 3365
Multiple Sections

Professional Report Writing


The purpose of English 3365 is to prepare you for writing as a professional person. It focuses on gathering information and presenting it to specific audiences. The assignments include a library/internet guide, an annotated bibliography, a recommendation report, a progress report, a proposal, and an oral report. You will learn uses, purposes, conventions, and structures for the reports and the proposal. You will also learn strategies for producing such documents, including analyzing purpose, gathering data, managing time, and revising. You will also develop your options, including visual and oral presentation and formatting verbal texts, for presenting information. You will review grammar and principles of effective style. All of your work will be on topics of your choosing, preferably related to your major or intended career. For further information please contact the teacher.

English 3371
Section 001

Linguistic Science

Min-Joo Kim

This course provides an introduction to the study of language at the undergraduate level. We will learn about the set of underlying principles of human language by analyzing the English language in detail. We will first examine the main components of language, namely, word forms, sounds, sentence structure and meaning, and then investigate language variation (e.g., African American English or “Ebonics”, Texas English, Spanish English), bilingualism, and language acquisition. Our approach will be descriptive rather than prescriptive, which means that we will analyze what is actually spoken by people.

English 3373
Section 001

Modern English Syntax

Min-Joo Kim

This course provides an overview of the structure and usage of Modern American English. The material covered in the course is relevant to teachers at the public school level, and to those requiring a basic knowledge of the form and function of Modern American English. Topics to be covered will include: basic word structure, classification of words into what is traditionally known as “parts of speech”, description and analysis of sentence patterns in English, prescriptive versus descriptive approaches to English grammar, particularly in the context of appropriate usage (e.g., written vs. spoken language), stylistic, and dialectal variation in syntax, and grammaticalization, a process in which a lexical item looses its original meaning to serve the needs of grammar (e.g., pronouns, modal auxiliary verbs, complementizers).

English 3388
Section 001,002

Film Genres: Avant-Garde, Documentary, and Narrative
Classical Hollywood Style

Mike Schoenecke

For 1st Summer 2007, English 3388 will study award-winning Hollywood films so that we can gain an understanding of what makes these films great and how these films communicate. By learning how the selected films communicate, we will gain a better understanding of how all films communicate. We will lay out contemporary Hollywood's most important and typical narrative strategies (which are in most respects the same as those used during the 1920s) and then examine recent films to show how those strategies are used in practice. To accomplish these tasks, we will consider film language, the director's goals, and, when appropriate, the cultural and social milieu.