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Summer II 2009 | 3000 Level

English 3365
Section 011

Professional Report Writing

Leeanne Schroer-Motz

The purpose of English 3365 is to prepare you for writing as a professional person. It focuses on gathering information and presenting it to specific audiences. The assignments include a library/internet guide, an annotated bibliography, a recommendation report, a progress report, a proposal, and an oral report. You will learn uses, purposes, conventions, and structures for the reports and the proposal. You will also learn strategies for producing such documents, including analyzing purpose, gathering data, managing time, and revising. You will also develop your options, including visual and oral presentation and formatting verbal texts, for presenting information. You will review grammar and principles of effective style. All of your work will be on topics of your choosing, preferably related to your major or intended career. For further information please contact the teacher.

English 3383
Section 011

Bible as Literature

James Whitlark

No description available. 

English 3388
Section 011

Film Genres: Avant-Garde, Documentary, and Narrative
Science Fiction Cinema

Allison Whitney

This course will approach science fiction cinema from multiple perspectives, encompassing political, aesthetic, feminist and historical approaches to studies of film genre. The goals of the course are to broaden students' knowledge of science fiction while also complicating their understanding of the concept of genre. Students will develop skills of formal analysis specific to film studies, explore a variety of theoretical approaches to cinema, and become familiar with less-studied issues in film history such as special effects and fan cultures. As a genre, science fiction is notable for the ways it expresses contemporaneous political and philosophical concepts, and students will be encouraged to question how film texts serve as expressions of larger cultural phenomena. Films may include Metropolis, The Day the Earth Stood Still, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Solaris, La Jetée, Alien, Terminator 2, The Matrix, and Sunshine.

English 4300

Individual Studies in English


Course number normally used for individual/independent studies arranged between an English professor and a student. Students must have already completed a course with the instructor. The instructor is not obligated to agree to supervise the independent study. The student will normally have a topic in mind and will approach the instructor for feasibility. A form, which may be picked up in EN 211C, must be filled out and approved by the Chair of the English Department. The form is then delivered to 211C and the advisor enrolls the student. The teacher submits the grade to the Chair for posting.