Texas Tech University

Arts and Sciences General Degree Requirements

Technology & Applied Science

The requirement states: TECHNOLOGY & APPLIED SCIENCE: Then follows a list of courses which may be viewed on any Arts & Sciences General Degree Requirements sheet up to the sheet for the 2013/14 catalog*. However, if you are covered by any catalog between 2012/13 to the present, this requirement does not apply to you.

  • BA: 3 hours required

*The course subject abbreviations (course prefixes) are explained in the Reader's Guide to the catalog. Instead of clicking on the picture of the catalog choose the link in red on the left that says "Course Descriptions." The abbreviations are decoded in the column on the right.

Note that since I am directing my comments only to those students completing the Bachelor of Arts degree, I am not including notes that relate to those completing the Bachelor of Science degree.

Important: This requirement was omitted beginning with the 2012/2013 catalog year. Students in earlier catalogs must still meet this requirement. Those in later catalogs do not.

Helpful Hints

  • This is a very mixed bag of courses. Some have to do with computers. Others do not. Some have prerequisites, but certainly not all of them. Many of them are outside Arts & Sciences.
  • Courses marked with an asterisk will also complete the Multicultural requirement.
  • Here's a list of some of the courses English, Philosophy and Technical Communication students have found interesting in the past:
    • ANSC 2303, Care and Management of Companion Animals, emphasizes dogs and cats.
    • CLAS 2305, Ancient Technology, covers Egyptian, Greek and Roman science and engineering. This course used to be CLAS 3304.
    • C S 1300, Computers and Modern Society, surveys the impact of computers on modern life.
    • CTEC 2301, Surveying and Surveys. If you've taken MATH 1321 (Trigonometry), you can learn to apply the math!
    • EDIT 2318 is a course that many students take. It is a self-paced course except for the tests and, in general, familiarizes students with recent Microsoft programs. NOTE: Prior to 2012/2013 students wishing to become high school teachers in the state of Texas needed either EDIT 2318 or EDIT 3318 for their certification requirements. EDIT 3318 is technology for the classroom so was preferred. Either of these courses will count for the Technology & Applied Science requirement, but neither are required for the current certification program.
    • EM&C 3300, Electronic Media & Society, looks at current and emerging trends as well as the impact on information transfer.
    • EM&C 3310, Introduction to Electronic Media & Communications, is an overview of the origins, history and social responsibilities of broadcasting and cable communcations.
    • GEOG 3360, Technology & the Human Landscape, surveys human use of the earth from the beginning.
    • NRM 2301, Introductory Wildlife, concerns the ecology and management of wildlife.
    • NRM 2302, The Ecology & Conservation of Natural Resources, includes water, range, timber, wildlife and recreation.
    • SOC 3352, Technology and Society, reviews how technology affects society and vice versa.
    • WE 2300, Social Impacts of Wind Energy, includes environmental, economic, national security, and health impacts as well as energy issues.