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Majoring in English

English will prepare you for just about anything you might wish to try after college. Since you learn to think critically, you'll be in demand by schools of medicine, law and business as well as most any graduate program. Your communication skills will stand you in good stead in these fields and the world of business. So now all you have to do is pick a specialization.

The English Department offers two majors: Technical Communication, and English. Those interested in Technical Communication as a major should visit the Technical Communication and Rhetoric website. There is one advisor for both programs.

The English major is divided into three specializations, and you must choose one:

Additional Requirements

As an English or Technical Communication major you will earn a Bachelor of Arts degree that will be conferred by the College of Arts & Sciences. You will need to complete the additional requirements that are detailed on the Graduation Requirements worksheet. The General Degree Requirements for the College of Arts & Sciences are part of those requirements, and you must also choose and complete the requirements for a minor or an additional major.

You must also accumulate at least 120 Earned Hours of which 40 must come from 3000 or 4000-level courses. Please be aware of the limit on the number of hours taken in coursework "outside" of the College of Arts & Sciences, and make sure you do not exceed the limit. Paperwork requirements include the completion of a Degree Plan and an Intent to Graduate form. All graduation decisions are made by analysts in the College of Arts & Sciences, but your advisor is here to answer any questions that you or the analysts have regarding English coursework.

You will need to learn the graduation and/or certification requirements inorder to manage your program. Please use these handouts and worksheets to help you.


Do I have to choose a specialization?

For the English major the answer is yes. There is no “general” English major. The one that is the most broad is Literature and Languages. The other two have special focuses: Creative Writing and Teacher Certification (for those who want to teach high school English to grades 8-12. There are no specializations for the Technical Communication major.

May I major in one English specialization and minor/double major in another?

Unfortunately, no. But you may double major in both English and Technical Communication or major in one and minor in the other.

May I use the credit that I earned by examination (AP, CLEP, etc.) for freshman and sophomore English toward my major?

Yes. For more help with this question, visitI Have a Freshman English Question.

How do I change my major?

If you are already in a major that is in the College of Arts & Sciences, you go to Holden Hall 102 and fill out a change of major form. If you are in another college and have at least a 2.0, also go to Holden Hall 102, but fill out a change of college form. The same procedure is used whether you are changing to or from English. Or you can come see me and we can fill out a Degree Plan to declare you as an English or Technical Communication major.

How many hours does the English degree take?

This question has a couple of possible meanings:

  1. You might be asking how many courses are required by the English Dept for the English major alone. The simple answer is 39 hours (13 courses). The Technical Communication major is composed of 10 courses (30 hours).
  2. You might, however, be asking for the total number of hours to complete the degree. In order to graduate with an English major, you have to complete the major requirements, choose and complete the requirements for either a minor or another major, meet the requirements as laid out in the Arts & Sciences General Degree Requirements, and also acquire a total of 120 hours, 40 of which must be junior/senior hours (hours at the 3000 or 4000 level). The classes you take for your major and your minor at the junior/senior level all count toward the 40. Since a number of courses might double count for various requirements, it's impossible to answer except to say that the minimum is 120 hours.

How many hours are required by the Arts & Sciences General Degree Requirements alone?

Impossible to answer. Some courses that count for either the major or the minor might also count for a General Degree Requirement. Some courses count for both the Multicultural requirement and another requirement, Both the Foreign Language and the Natural Science requirements (for those in catalogs prior to Fall 2014) depend on what you took in high school and what you choose to take here at Texas Tech.The minimum number of hours by my calculations is 73 hours. The maximum number is 86. Most students will fall somewhere in between.

Do CLEP credits and AP credits count toward the total?