Texas Tech University

Get Your English Minor

Information on the English minor is below; see Technical Communication for TC minor information.

The general English minor consists of 18 hours from the following requirements:

  • English 1302
  • Two 2000-level English courses
  • Nine hours of advanced English courses (3000 or 4000 level)

To receive credit toward graduation, a student who is minoring in English must receive at least a C in these courses. A maximum of 3 advanced hours of transfer credit will be accepted for the minor.

Related minors: You might want to also look at the Linguistics minor, the Comparative Literature minor, and the Dramatic Writing minor, which you can look up in the catalog.

Frequently asked questions about the English minor

How do I declare my minor?
In order for the minor to show up on your transcript like your major does, you will need to turn in a degree plan form. The form is college specific so you will need to find out what form you need and where to submit it from your major advisor(s). Once you are in front of me I will need approximately 30 minutes of your time because I go over several things that I think are important prior to filling in your form.

Does English 1301 count toward the minor?

I can only use 3 hours of English transfer work at the 3000 or 4000 level. What about the rest?
You may transfer in English 1302 and both 2000-level English courses and they will apply to the minor.

How about Credit by Examination credit?
Texas Tech accepts a variety of types of credit for English 1302 and you can also earn CLEP credit for English 2307. The Academic Testing Office maintains the chart of exams and scores. They will apply to the minor. Texas Tech no longer accepts CLEP credit for higher level English courses so those would not apply.

Can the English minor concentrate/specialize/focus on a particular subject area or type of English?
Yes and no. The English major has concentrations/specializations, but the English minor does not. The diploma will simply state “Minor: English.” However, you get to pick the courses you take so you may choose to take them all in American Literature or Creative Writing or whatever you would like.

May I take any 3000-level or 4000-level English courses for the minor?
You may take any of the ones that you have the prerequisites for.

May I take a distance course (online, correspondence, extended studies) for my minor?
If the course is offered by TTU English Department, yes. All of our courses are semester-based and offered by English Dept teachers. Distance courses from other schools are governed by the same rules as face-to-face classes from other schools.