Texas Tech University

Grade of Incomplete

The 2009/2010 catalog states: "The grade of I is given only when a student's work is satisfactory in quality but, due to reasons beyond his or her control, has not been completed. It is not given instead of an F. Prior to assigning the I, the instructor must fill out a form available online with OP 34.12 stating the reasons beyond the student's control for granting the I and the conditions to be met to remove the I. All signatures are required on the form. The I may be replaced by an R if the course is repeated, and the appropriate grade will be given for the second registration. The grade of I will revert to an F after one calendar year if the conditions for completing the I as stated on the form have not been met."

The form may be found on the Arts & Sciences website, linked to the Faculty information, and on Raiderlink in the Faculty/Advisor links box. You may also click on the word "form" in the previous sentence. In addition, there is a page of explanation with directions that you should read. ( I found the page on the College of Arts & Sciences website.)

Teachers should not feel compelled to grant a student's request for a grade of incomplete. It is not always appropriate. The circumstances will have to guide the decision. If there is too much work missed or the teacher does not have the extra time needed to supervise the make-up work, then it is not appropriate. If the student was already failing, then it is not appropriate. Note, however, that the contract could require that the student repeat the class by registering for it a second time and earning a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F. Evidently, earning a pass/fail type grade will not work.