Texas Tech University

The Arts & Sciences General Degree Requirements-Visual & Performing Arts

The requirement states:

"VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS:" There follows the list of approved courses which may be viewed on the most recent Arts & Sciences General Degree requirements sheet.

NOTE: The course subject abbreviations (course prefixes) are explained in the Reader's Guide to the catalog. (Instead of clicking on the picture of the catalog choose the link in red on the left that says "Course Descriptions". The abbreviations are decoded in the column on the right.)

BA/BGS: 6 hours required.

Note that since I am directing my comments only to those students completing the Bachelor of Arts degree, I am not including notes that relate to those completing the Bachelor of Science degree.

Pertinent information:

  • This category includes three-hour classes as well as several one-hour and two-hour classes offered by the School of Music. You just have to take enough courses to add up to 6 hours. Remember that the second digit in the four digit course number tells you the number of credit hours you will earn. For example, MUAP 1123 is a one-hour credit course. In the past majors have auditioned for and participated in one of the choirs, the band, the orchestra, and the small and medium ensembles. Others have taken piano lessons (MUAP 1123, 1124, 2123, and 2124). The latter are normally to be taken in sequence.
  • Sometimes Art and Music have to restrict their courses to majors only or to those enrolled in the College of Visual & Performing Arts. If they have additional seats left before classes begin, they will lift the restriction so that anyone may register for them.
  • All but one of the classes in this group are "outside" Arts & Sciences so that college does not count the six hours applied to this requirement when they are counting the outside hours. If, however, you take additional courses from this category for fun or for something else, then they will be added in.
  • Courses marked with an asterisk also satisfy the Multicultural requirement.