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Arts and Science General Degree Requirements-English

The requirement on the College of Arts & Sciences General Degree Requirements sheet states:

ENGLISH: The 12 hours of English must consist of ENGL 1301 and 1302 and two sophomore literature courses from ENGL: 2305, 2306, 2307, 2308, 2351, 2388, or 2381.  ENGL 2311 or CLAS 1310 may be used as equivalents to fulfill 3 hours of this requirement.”

BA: 12 hours required

Note that since I am directing my comments only to those students completing the Bachelor of Arts degree, I am not including notes that relate to those completing the Bachelor of Science degree.

Although the above wording will continue to appear on the Arts & Sciences General Degree requirement sheet, effective Dec 1, 2009, the rules changed, but ONLY for English majors and minors in the College of Arts & Sciences:

The College of Arts & Sciences will permit the following English literature courses to count as part of the Arts & Sciences English General Degree Requirements: courses numbered 3302 to 3351 and 3381 to 3391.  What this means is that instead of using the sophomore-level English courses for this requirement, English majors and minors ONLY may substitute one of the above listed 3000-level English courses.  What this does is free up the sophomore-level English courses for possible use toward the Humanities requirement.  Let's break this down by group.

English majors need not worry about this requirement since it is fulfilled by their major degree requirements.  You guys have to take several of the courses that are in the list for your English major.

English minors in the College of Arts & Sciences need to be thoughtful if they want the courses they take for their minor to fulfill both the Arts & Sciences English and the Arts & Sciences Humanities requirements.  Since the sophomore English classes serve as prerequisites for most of the 3000-level English courses, these will be taken first.  You need to choose two that are in the Humanities box.  Then, when you choose your upper level (3000 or 4000 level) English courses, two of them must be numbered 3302 to 3351 and/or 3381 to 3391, but not 3360 to 3373.  These will be the two that apply to the Arts & Sciences English requirement.

NOTE: This DOES NOT exempt anyone from the prerequisites for these courses.  You must still complete two sophomore level English classes before you can do most of the 3000-level ones.

Other students in the College of Arts & Sciences doing a BA degree:

The rules haven't changed for you all, but here are some helpful reminders:

  • English 1301 must be taken before you can take English 1302.
  • English 1302 must be taken before you can begin taking 2000-level English courses.
  • CLAS 1310 can be taken at any point.  It has no prerequisites.
  • One of your sophomore level English classes must be from the following: 2305, 2306, 2307, 2308, 2351, 2388, or 2381.
  • Your final course may either be from the list above or may be ENGL 2311 or CLAS 1310.
  • Note: Those students intending on doing the English major or minor should not take CLAS 1310 except as a free elective or as applying to an appropriate major or minor.  It will not apply to the English major or minor.
Last revised March 15, 2011