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The Arts & Sciences General Degree Requirements

Mathematics & Logical Reasoning

The requirement on the College of Arts & Sciences General Degree Requirements sheet states:

  • MATHEMATICS & LOGICAL REASONING, then follows a list of courses* which may be viewed on the most recent Arts & Sciences General Degree Requirements sheet.
  • BA: 6 hours required
    Note that since I am directing my comments only to those students completing the Bachelor of Arts degree, I am not including notes that relate to those completing the Bachelor of Science degree.

*The course subject abbreviations (course prefixes) are explained in the Reader's Guide to the catalog. Instead of clicking on the picture of the catalog choose the link in red on the left that says "Course Descriptions". The abbreviations are decoded in the column on the right.

Pertinent Facts

  • Use of and the need for the Math Placement Examination (MPE) has undergone significant changes. Most entry-level math courses no longer require it. The information that follows is from the Math Department."
  • As mandated, Texas Tech will no longer be using the MPE as a prerequisite for certain entry-level mathematics courses. IRIM has implemented these changes in Banner starting with Summer 1, 2013, so students who are TSI compliant will be able to register in these courses immediately. The MPE prerequisite is noteliminated for all courses however. Here is a summary of the current prerequisite situation for freshman level math courses:
    • Math 1300 -- TSI compliance
    • Math 1320 -- TSI compliance
    • Math 1321 -- TSI compliance
    • Math 1330 -- TSI compliance
    • Math 1331 --MPE code 4 ORMath 1330 (C- or better) OR SATM of 610 or better OR ACTM of 26 or better
    • Math 1420 -- TSI compliance
    • Math 1430 -- TSI compliance
    • Math 1550 -- TSI compliance
    • Math 2300 -- TSI compliance
    • Math 1350 -- MPE code 6 OR Math 1321 (C- or better) OR SATM of 660 or better OR ACTM of 29 or better
    • Math 1451 -- MPE code 7 OR Math 1350 or 1550 (C- or better) OR Math 1321 (B- or better) OR SATM or 660 or better OR ACTM of 29 or better

In summary, MPE will be used to satisfy prerequisites only for Math 1331, 1350 (Analytical Geometry), and 1451 (Calculus I). Most 1331 students will have taken 1330, so basically the MPE is for Analytical Geometry and above.

The MPE was originally designed to help students decide which courses they were ready for. Without the guidance of the exam, this will be left more to individual students and their advisors. Please ask your students to consider their choices carefully. We will probably be implementing an advisory-only version of the MPE for students who do not need Calculus or Analytical Geometry which will not be uploaded as a test score, but which is intended to help students and their advisors in choosing a mathematics course.

We will be making a decision soon as to whether we will continue to offer the following courses: Math 0301, 0302, 1420, and 1430. It is possible that the change in requirements will drastically reduce demand for these courses."

Placement tests are often institution specific (created in-house) so the score you earn here probably isn't transferable to another institution just like their score isn't useful here.

  • PHIL 2310, Logic, counts for this requirement and does not have a prerequisite so you may register for it whenever you want to take it. PHIL 2310 does not involve addition, subtraction, etc, but it is not easy. I have had students who struggle with math tell me they were fine in this course, but I have also had students struggle with both. You are dealing with statements such as “If these conditions exist, what logically follows?” This is a course to which you must apply yourself! Here are some helpful hints:

»Do not miss class. If you do, you are probably history.
»Do not get behind in the homework. If you do, you are probably toast.
»Do attend review sessions if offered by the teacher.
»Do visit the teacher with questions during office hours.
»Do get in or form a study group.

  • You may use only one of the following for this requirement: Math 1320 or Math 1420.
  • College Algebra (MATH 1320) at Texas Tech is harder than it is at other institutions. It is intended for Math and Science majors.
  • MATH 1300 is judged to be the easiest of the regular, non-remedial math courses offered here.
  • MATH 1420 is intended for those students who struggle with math and/or make a score of 2 on the MPE. It meets five days a week, gives you four hours of credit, and so far, has not been offered in the summer.
  • You may use only one of the following for this requirement: MATH 1330 or Math 1430. MATH 1330 might be re-titled Pre-calculus for Business majors.
  • MATH 0301 and 0302 are the remedial or developmental courses and you are given no credit for them. They are designed to be taken in sequence and are required of students who score a 1 on the MPE. Once you have completed those two courses with the required grades, you then take either two for-credit math classes or one for-credit math course and PHIL 2310.
  • TSI students who have not passed the mathematics section of the TSI test may not enroll in MATH 1320 or 1321 until they have successfully completed their prescribed program of TSI mathematics skills development. For all other TSI questions please contact the TSI Skills office (806-742-3242, Holden Hall 72) or the TSI Compliance Office (806-742-1183 ext 248, West Hall 116).


If I take both MATH 1320 and 1420 am I finished with this requirement?

If I take both MATH 1330 and 1430 am I finished with this requirement?

Can I retake the Math Placement test?
Yes. The online version can be taken at most twice. At present there is no limit to the number of times the proctored test may be taken, although it may only be taken once a day.