Texas Tech University

The Arts & Sciences General Degree Requirements-Multicultural Requirement

The requirement states:

'Multicultural Requirement: (Multicultural courses are indicated above [i.e. in the lists of courses for the other requirements], with an asterisk *. These courses may be used to satisfy both the multicultural requirement and another General Degree Requirement.) Completion of a registered "study abroad" course also can fulfill this requirement." The list of courses which fulfill this requirement may be viewed on the most recent Arts &Sciences General Degree Requirements sheet.

BA/BGS: 3 hours required.

Pertinent information:

  • As far as I know as long as you go through the TTU Study Abroad office to arrange the coursework you take abroad, you will get multicultural credit for it. If you attended another institution and went to study abroad through them, it will not give you Multicultural credit here at TTU.
  • I encourage students to try to "kill two birds with one stone" in fulfilling this requirement. Look for multicultural courses in your major, minor and general degree requirements so they will count twice.
  • Students studying to become high school teachers might consider taking extra multicultural classes since classrooms are full of diverse populations.