Texas Tech University

Arts and Science General Degree Requirements-Oral Communication

The requirement on the College of Arts & Sciences General Degree Requirements sheet states:
ORAL COMMUNICATION:” The list of courses that complete this requirement may be viewed on the most recent Arts & Sciences General Degree Requirements sheet.

NOTE: The course subject abbreviations (course prefixes) are explained in the Reader's Guide to the catalog (instead of clicking on the picture of the catalog choose the link in red on the left that says "Course Descriptions". The abbreviations are decoded in the column on the right.)
BA: 3 hours required.
Note that since I am directing my comments only to those students completing the Bachelor of Arts degree, I am not including notes that relate to those completing the Bachelor of Science degree.

Pertinent facts:

  • English and Philosophy majors can take any one of the above courses, however, I typically do not recommend CH E 2306, ENGR 2331, or MGT 3373. Those courses are offered in other colleges and the students in the classes tend to have very different goals than do English and Philosophy majors, but if you decide to take them, they certainly will count.
  • If you need junior/senior (3000- or 4000-level) hours, take COMS 3358.
  • This category is a good one to illustrate a rule in the College of Arts & Sciences that places a cap on the number of hours that can be taken “outside” of Arts & Sciences. All but the first three of these courses are outside Arts & Sciences.
  • Mistakes to avoid: Don't take MCOM 1300 or COMS 1301 and think you are completing the Oral Communication requirement. Unfortunately, many students make this mistake. The letters and the numbers must match exactly.
  • I frequently refer to this category as the “Speech” category since in all the classes you must give speeches.