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General Degree Requirements

What is the difference between the Core Curriculum and the Arts & Sciences General Degree Requirements?

The Core Curriculum is established by a University-wide committee, but each college can amend it somewhat. The College of Arts & Sciences has, so if you follow the Core Curriculum, you may be led astray in some areas.

Can I use my catalog for the General Degree Requirements?

For 12 years I have been telling students that they cannot use their catalogs or even their General Degree Requirements past the approximately one year "expiration" when the new General Degree Requirements sheet became available for them to use. This year (2014) things have changed. Students may now refer to the catalog for the year that reflects their program year and the catalogs that come after. Students in the College of Arts & Sciences (A&S) will still want to avoid the section in the General Information-Undergraduate Academics section labelled the Core Curriculum Requirements. Instead A&S students may refer to the Arts & Sciences section of the catalog that reflects their program year (and the catalogs that came after) and use the General Requirements listed under the particular degree they are attempting to earn and/or use the General Degree Requirements sheet posted by the College of Arts & Sciences on their websitefor the year that reflects their program year (and the sheets that come after). I have a strong preference that students use the General Degree Requirements sheets since they are created and used by the staff of the Undergraduate office of the College of Arts & Sciences in Holden Hall 102 who make the graduation decisions. As far as I'm concerned, it's the gold standard so why use anything else?

If you look at the General Degree Requirement worksheets, you will see columns labeled: "BA," "BS/BSJE," and "BGS," indicating the degree programs (see right). English and Philosophy majors choose the column labeled BA for Bachelor of Arts.

The columns state the hour requirements for various categories. Required hours are set by your catalog year. However, each year, courses which meet those requirements are subject to change. Course numbers are also subject to change. Each spring or summer, the Arts & Sciences advising staff posts the General Degree Requirements which reflects the most recent changes, so it is important for you to have access to the most recent sheet when you choose your courses.


2013-2014 Worksheet
For worksheets 2013-14 and earlier, the BA, BS/BSJE and BGS columns can be found on the right, in the areas highlighted in red.


2014-2015and Onwards
For worksheets 2014-15 and earlier, the BA, BS/BSJE and BGS columns can be found on the left, in the areas highlighted in red

Further information regarding each of the different categories

  • For each of these categories, my comments refer to the BA (Bachelor of Arts) column
  • Starting in 2014/2015 many of the categories were renamed.

For Catalogs 2013/2014 & Earlier

For Catalogs 2014/2015 & Onwards

English Written Communication
Oral Communication English Literature
Foreign Language Oral Communication
Mathematics & Logical Reasoning Foreign Language
Natural Science Life & Physical Sciences
Technology & Applied Science (for catalogs 2011/2012 & earlier) US & Texas Government
Individual or Group Behavior US History
American History Mathematics
Political Science Social & Behavioral Sciences
Humanities Language, Philosophy & Culture
Visual & Performing Arts Creative Arts
Personal Fitness & Wellness Personal Fitness & Wellness
Multicultural Multicultural

From now on you will be able to use the requirements in the catalog but avoid the uniform Undergraduate Degree Requirements, usually known as the "Core Curriculum," that is in the General Information section in the front part of the catalog.

Instead, either use the "Bachelor of Arts, General Requirements," found in the early pages of the Arts and Sciences part of the catalog or, preferably, use the General Degree requirements sheets found on the College of Arts & Science website since it is created by the office that makes your graduation decision. It's what they use when making the decision..