Texas Tech University

I Have a Question Regarding Graduation/Commencement

As a field advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences, I do not make the graduation decisions. There is a list of the degree audit advisors in the College of Arts & Sciences posted on their website. At some point between Advance Registration and the beginning (hopefully!) of your final semester, the auditor doing your file will send you an email indicating that you are either CLEAR or NOT CLEAR for graduation. If you are not clear, they will indicate the problems that need to be resolved. They now normally require you to visit with them prior to that final Advance Registration period so, hopefully, more people will be CLEAR. The auditors will also send you information pertinent to the ceremony (when and where), the diploma, etc., so if you are anxious, please visit the Arts & Sciences commencement website as well as the Provost's website discussed below or contact your auditor directly. I have no information on the subject.

Graduating with Honors: There is a section in the undergraduate catalog that explains Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude. Use the index and look up "Honors, Graduation with". Students who have earned less than half of their degree at Texas Tech will not be considered for these honors. It is calculated on the TTU cumulative GPA without grade replacements.

The Provost's Office also has information posted to help with caps and gowns, rings, invitations, hotels for your guests, parking, speakers, and so on. The Alumni Association hosts a Graduation Fair twice a year to help you shop for commencement as well as provide information on the Alumni Association benefits and the services of the Career Center. Watch TechAnnounce for notices concerning the Graduation Fairs. There is also information posted on the Provost's website regarding the Graduation Fairs.