Texas Tech University

Hours outside of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences limits the number of hours students may take in coursework offered by other colleges such as Education, Human Sciences, Mass Communications, etc. Hence, we talk about inside hours or courses versus outside hours or courses.

How do you tell whether something is inside or outside?

Look up the course or program in the catalog. Since the catalog is arranged by sections according to college, once you are on the page describing the course or program, see which college section you are in. If you are anywhere other than the Arts & Sciences section, you have identified an outside course or program.

How many hours are we talking about?

If your minor or second major is inside Arts & Sciences, your limit or cap is 24 hours. If your minor or second major is outside Arts & Sciences, your limit or cap is 30 hours. If you have additional programs, if any one of them is outside, your cap is 30 hours. It goes no higher. That is probably why Arts &Sciences won't allow students to choose more than one of their programs to be outside.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes. Because all but one of the classes that fulfill the Visual & Performing Arts requirement are outside, Arts & Sciences doesn't count the six hours you need for that requirement into your total outside hours. If, however, you take additional courses from that category for fun or for something else, then they will be added in.
Courses with either the HONS or the HUM prefixes did not count until Fall 2010. So they do not need to be added to the list unless they were taken Fall 2010 or after.

Click here for a worksheet where you can add up your outside hours.