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BA in English - Concentrations

The BA program in English requires 120 semester credit hours, including the core curriculum, the major, and a minor. English majors must specialize in one of the following concentrations:

Degree Worksheets

The resources below can be used to help you organize and keep track of your general coursework requirements.

Literature and Language Concentration Requirements

Students majoring in English with a concentration in literature and language study literary works from a wide variety of periods and genres. They learn to think critically and analytically about literature and about language itself. This concentration prepares students for many careers—including teaching, government service, and business—and for graduate and professional study in fields requiring extensive reading and writing, such as law, medicine, and business.


Creative Writing Concentration Requirements

The major in English with a concentration in creative writing is designed for students wishing to write fiction, nonfiction, and/or poetry with the guidance of teachers who write. This plan allows maximum concentration in literature courses so that, as they write, students may further understand and appreciate the aspects and techniques of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

In addition to the opportunities for writing and literary study, this concentration is especially appropriate for students interested in teaching creative writing and literature at the college level, studying creative writing and literature in graduate school, and preparing for professional graduate schools, such as law and business.


Teaching Certification for English Language Arts, Grade 7-12

Students seeking a provisional certificate with English Language Arts as a teaching field may satisfy the requirement in English through the Bachelor of Arts degree. Certification requirements are determined by the State Board for Education Certification and are subject to change.