Texas Tech University

Core Curriculum Requirements

In addition to completing coursework for their major and minor fields, students in the College of Arts and Sciences must fulfill the Core Curriculum Requirements.

The Core Curriculum is designed to expose all Texas Tech University graduates to areas of study that are traditionally regarded as basic to the intellectual development of a broadly educated person. These areas of study include the following: life and physical sciences; social and behavioral sciences; mathematics; language, philosophy, and culture; creative arts; United States and Texas history and government; and the tools of communication and thought. The Texas Tech University core curriculum complies with Texas statutes and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board rules.

Requirements Summary

  • English* - 12 hours
  • Oral Communication - 3 hours
  • Mathematics - 6 hours
  • Technology - 3 hours
  • Natural Science - 8-11 hours
  • Social Science - 6 hours
  • American History - 6 hours
  • Political Science - 6 hours
  • Humanities* - 6 hours
  • Fine Arts - 6 hours
  • Physical Fitness - 2 hours
  • Multicultural - 3 hours
  • Foreign Language - 6 hours at the sophomore level

*Requirement automatically met by English majors and by English minors