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What Can You Do With an English Major

What Can I Do with an English Degree?

Nearly every job requires you to prepare a resume or a cover letter, and you can be sure that potential employers will want to speak with you in person before hiring you. While other candidates scramble online for resume advice and worry about what to say in interviews, you calmly start drafting your perfect resume and confidently practice responding to questions you can already anticipate.

And already, you have an advantage, because of your English degree.

In most fields, it is important to communicate clearly and to see things from different perspectives. A graduate with an English degree develops strengths in thinking critically, speaking and writing effectively, problem solving, being resourceful, and conducting research. Such skills are always in demand, meaning that an English degree can lead to possibilities for nearly any career, some of which might even surprise you.

An English degree can prepare you for a variety of careers, such academia, technical writer, bank officer, analyst, attorney, stockbroker, and much more. Tech companies increasingly seek humanities majors (including English), because of our strong background in analysis, communication, and research.

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