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Courses in Usability Testing

The Department of English offers two courses that make primary use of the lab facilities, ENGL 3367 (undergraduate) and ENGL 5388 (graduate).  A wide variety of other courses schedule blocks of time in the lab as a way of adding a usability component to their course outcomes.  If you are interested in scheduling time for your class, please contact us. 

English 3367 - Usability Testing - Undergraduate Level - Sign up for this course

Prerequisite: ENGL 2311 or 3365. Principles and techniques of testing online and print documents, using video and digital equipment, with emphasis on rhetorical effectiveness and usability of graphics, text, and format.


English 5388 - Usability Research - Graduate Level - Sign up for this course

ENGL 5388 focuses on methods of planning, conducting, and analyzing usability tests within the larger context of studying the way users interact with different artifacts. The course aims for two distinct modes. The first involves the concepts of usability research, organized in a seminar, with discussions of the most relevant literature in the field. As such, students engage in thought-provoking dialogue, reinforcing theoretical connections across the literature, and understanding the interplay between theory and practice. The second mode of the course is focused on the practice of usability testing in the Usability Research Laboratory. This includes everything from connecting cables and the placement and control of audio and visual recording equipment, to the analysis and write-up of the data for client reporting.