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A number of previous research projects in the Usability Research Lab (URL), carried out by both students and faculty, have resulted in peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, books, and also patented inventions.

The URL welcomes collaborative research projects, including grant applications, which would make use of its resources and facilities. Below is a sampling of previous research generated in the URL:



  • Correlating pupil position to gaze location within a Scene (Calibration claims), App. No.: PCT/US13/60064, CR Ref. No.: 7090-00901, Priorities, US 61/705,724, filed September 26, 2012, US 14/023,942 filed September 11, 2013.
  • Correlating pupil position to gaze location within a scene (Headset claims). App. No.: PCT/US13/60059, CR Ref. No.: 7090-00802, Priorities, US 61/705,724, filed September 26, 2012, US 14/023,780, filed September 11, 2013.

Software and Hardware

  • EyeGuide Visualize and Analyze Software, 2013 (live remote viewing and eye tracking analytic software)
  • EyeGuide Mobile Tracker, 2013 (mobile eye tracking research system)
  • Grinbath EG, 2012 (wearable eye tracking and control system)
  • EyeGuide Assist (mouse-replacement, eye tracking cursor-control software for assistive purposes)
  • EyeGuide Capture Software, 2011 (calibration and realtime API software)


  • Certified User Experience Professional (licensed by Texas Tech University), 2009



  • Usability of Complex Systems: Evaluation of User Interaction. Co-edited with Michael J. Albers. CRC Press (Taylor & Francis), 2011.“
  • Bodystorming with Hawkins' Block: Toward a New Methodology for Mobile Media Design.” Co-Authored with Brett Oppeggard. Mobile Media & Communication. 1.3 (2013) 356-372.
  • “The Blank-Page Technique: Reinvigorating Paper Prototyping in Usability Testing.” IEEETransactions on Professional Communication. 53.2 (2010): 144-157.
  • “Listening to Students: A Usability Evaluation of Instructor Commentary.” Co-authored with Amy Koerber. Journal of Business and Technical Communication. 24.2 (2010): 206-233.
  • “A Dozen Years After Open Source's 1998 Birth, It's Time for OpenTechComm.” Journal of Technical Writing and Communication. 40.2 (2010): 219-228.

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