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UX Research Projects

A number of previous research projects in the UX Research Lab, carried out by both students and faculty, have resulted in peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, books, and also patented inventions.

The UX Research Lab welcomes collaborative research projects, including grant applications, which would make use of its resources and facilities. Below is a sampling of previous research generated in the lab:

Current Research Projects

UCD as a Methodology for Redesigning Instructor Support Sites [Design, Research]

This project looks at using a user-centered design methodology to improve the effectiveness and UX of the ENGL 1302: Writing for Engineers instructor support site.
Project Lead: Michael Brooks, RA


Past Research Projects


  • Correlating pupil position to gaze location within a Scene (Calibration claims), App. No.: PCT/US13/60064, CR Ref. No.: 7090-00901, Priorities, US 61/705,724, filed September 26, 2012, US 14/023,942 filed September 11, 2013.
  • Correlating pupil position to gaze location within a scene (Headset claims). App. No.: PCT/US13/60059, CR Ref. No.: 7090-00802, Priorities, US 61/705,724, filed September 26, 2012, US 14/023,780, filed September 11, 2013.

Software and Hardware

  • EyeGuide Visualize and Analyze Software, 2013 (live remote viewing and eye tracking analytic software)
  • EyeGuide Mobile Tracker, 2013 (mobile eye tracking research system)
  • Grinbath EG, 2012 (wearable eye tracking and control system)
  • EyeGuide Assist (mouse-replacement, eye tracking cursor-control software for assistive purposes)
  • EyeGuide Capture Software, 2011 (calibration and realtime API software)


  • Certified User Experience Professional (licensed by Texas Tech University), 2009
  • Publications


  • Usability of Complex Systems: Evaluation of User Interaction. Co-edited with Michael J. Albers. CRC Press (Taylor & Francis), 2011."
  • Bodystorming with Hawkins' Block: Toward a New Methodology for Mobile Media Design." Co-Authored with Brett Oppeggard. Mobile Media & Communication. 1.3 (2013) 356-372.
  • "The Blank-Page Technique: Reinvigorating Paper Prototyping in Usability Testing." IEEETransactions on Professional Communication. 53.2 (2010): 144-157.
  • "Listening to Students: A Usability Evaluation of Instructor Commentary." Co-authored with Amy Koerber. Journal of Business and Technical Communication. 24.2 (2010): 206-233.
  • "A Dozen Years After Open Source's 1998 Birth, It's Time for OpenTechComm." Journal of Technical Writing and Communication. 40.2 (2010): 219-228.


Tanner Walsh, Graduate Intern