Matador Ethics Video Challenge

Fall 2013 Challenge!

The theme for the Fall 2013 Matador Video Challange is Mutual Respect.

Statemenf of Ethical Principle:

Texas Tech University is committed to an open and diverse society. Each member of the Texas Tech community has the right to be treated with respect and dignity. This right imposes a duty not to infringe upon the rights or personal values of others. Professional relationships among all members of the Texas Tech community deserve attention so that they are not exploited for base motives or personal gain.

Deadline: 5 pm, Monday, October 28, 2013.

Fall 2012 Winners

The fall 2012 Challenge has concluded. The theme of the Challenge is Diversity, and the winning video was submitted by a group of students from Rec Sport: Xavier Salinas,Theresa Malicki, Rylan Lujan, and Jenabeth Gunter. Their video will be featured at the Jones before kickoff on November 10.

Top 3 videos:

Xavier Salinas,Theresa Malicki, Rylan Lujan, and Jenabeth Gunter

Lauren Braun

Nicole Green

Fall 2011 Winners

We received a number of excellent videos and the results were very close. The Matador Ethics Video Challenge is proud to announce the following winners for the 2011 MEVC. You can also view the video submissions at the Matador Challenge Facebook Page.

Top 5 Videos:

Russell Putnam

Daniel Carrasco, Daniel Clement, Chase Leftwich, and Gable Sprague

Julie Manderscheid, Sinda Morales, Ryan Schwab, and Candice Scott

David Baker, Natalie Beck, Wade Scott, and Miranda Sutton

Gerron Moore and Kail Ratcliff

Student Organization Winning Video

RHA Inspiration, submitted by Casey Turle, Dustin Lingle, Nick Lamy, Abby Farrow, Dominique Hammond, Elle Francis, Amanda Barron, and Tyler Ray

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