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FY14 Year-End Information
FY13 Year-End Information
FY12 Year-End Information
FY11 Year-End Information
FY10 Year-End Information
FY09 Year-End Information
Processes for Month End Closes

Month end close will occur at 5:00 pm on the 10th of the following month.

All finance forms must be received by noon on the 8th to ensure that the transaction(s) will post in the desired month.

All gateway transactions must be submitted in update mode prior to 3:00 pm on the 10th to ensure that backdated transactions will post in the desired month.

To capture all activity for a certain period, it is recommended that Cognos reports run the day after close as transactions may be backdated.

Fiscal Year 2010 Month End Close Schedule
Month Scheduled Close Date
September October 10
October November 10
November December 10
December January 10
January February 10
February March 10
March April 10
April May 10
May June 10
June July 10
July August 10
August TBD
Available Budget Tab in Raiderlink

You may now view live budget availability for your Banner FOPs through the Available Budget Channel in Raiderlink. The information in the Available Budget Channel is obtained directly from the Banner Finance table BAVL – the same table that is used for budget checking for transactions. The BAVL table reflects all posted transactions and includes transactions that have suspended in Banner. Revenue and transfers are not reflected in this channel.

Please note that the information found in the Available Budget Channel may differ from the information in Cognos reports since Cognos updates nightly.

Click on the links below to obtain training documents for this new feature in Raiderlink: