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Economics and Classical Liberalism: Theory, Practice, and History

A Seminar for High School Students

June 22-26, 2016 — Texas Tech University — Lubbock, TX
About the Program

Economics and Classical Liberalism: Theory, Practice, and History is a seminar that engages high school aged students, who have an interest in learning about the principles of economics and their applications in public policy and historical contexts.

The program featured a series of lectures, discussions, and activities focused on three topical areas:

  • Foundations of Economic  Analysis
    Lecturers discussed the implications of basic economic principles such as scarcity, choice and cost. Students participated in an activity that explores the basis of mutual gains from voluntary exchange. This part of the program also featured presentations about the roles of property rights, money, and entrepreneurship in promoting economic progress.

  • Applications: Political Economy and Public Policy
    Lecturers discussed the applications of economic principles in the context of broader questions about the role of public policy in shaping economic outcomes. Students participated in an economic experiment that explores the effects of minimum wages on labor markets, as well as interacted with one another and seminar faculty in discussions on the role of government in developing and implementing public policies.

  • Liberty and History
    A presentation from the curators of The Remnant Trust collection, hosted at the Southwest Special Collection Library of Texas Tech University, encouraged students to consider the development of economic ideas in historical context and better understand how those ideas have helped to shape modern economic systems. Lecturers discussed the historical significance of economic ideas, highlighting particular periods of economic history that have dramatically changed the world.
Program Schedule

Please see the link below for the program schedule.

Economics and Classical Liberalism Program — Schedule

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