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Economic Freedom and Entrepreneurship

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The theme for the spring 2015 program was Economic Freedom and Entrepreneurship. Participants examined excerpts from the works of Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes and other giants of economics both past and present.

More specifically, program participants examined the role of entrepreneurship in the history of economic thought, read classic debates about whether capitalism is prone to creating volatile business cycles, studied original source texts in the socialist calculation debate and market process theory, and explored the relationship between entrepreneurship and economic development.

In March 2015, the Free Market Institute (FMI) and the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) co-hosted an IHS On-Campus Education Program as part of their Weekend Exploring Liberty series. The program, titled Freedom, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, brought together students from Texas Tech University, universities across the state of Texas, and participants from the Southern Methodist University and Baylor University programs.

The program featured lectures and discussion on topics including: economic freedom and political ideology, microcredit and innovation in developing economies, the myths of foreign aid, and the economic role of the state, among other topics.

The program also included a joint meeting of the three McLane programs with guest facilitator, Prof. Peter Boettke. The session focused on selections from Prof. Boettke's book, Living Economics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

The schedule of readings and topics of discussion for the spring 2015 McLane Teammates Reading Program can be found at the following link:

McLane Teammates Reading Program — Spring 2015 Reading List


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