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McLane Teammates Reading Program

Markets and Economic Development:
Does Capitalism Help the Poor?

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The theme for the spring 2016 program was Markets and Economic Development: Does Capitalism Help the Poor? Participants explored why some institutions (possessing differing degrees of capitalism) are more conducive to certain types of organizational solutions to the problems of poverty. Readings examined the role of institutions in the perpetuation and potential elimination of absolute poverty, the morality of capitalism, and the contextual challenges of entrepreneurship, among other questions and topics related to debates about global economic development.

In February 2016, participants attended a summit with participants from the programs at SMU and Baylor University. The summit took place on the Baylor campus in Waco and featured presentations from Dr. David Corey on philosophical perspectives on economics and the good life and Matthew Polk on the mission and vision of PropserWaco, a non-profit group attempting to address the problems of poverty in the city of Waco. Participants also engaged in interactive discussion groups on issues related to poverty and economic development.

The schedule of readings and topics of discussion for the spring 2016 McLane Teammates Reading Program can be found at the following link:

McLane Teammates Reading Program — Spring 2016 Reading List


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