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External Outreach

One component of the Free Market Institute's mission comprises concerted and deliberate outreach to public, student and scholarly communities outside of Texas Tech University.  To that end, the Institute Director, affiliated scholars and faculty and staff engage the Lubbock and other west Texas communities and other communities in the United States and throughout the world through participation in conferences, seminars and other events, some of which will be free and open to the public.  This page will provide an up-to-date listing of such outreach efforts as well as links to other useful information.


Out of Poverty: Sweatshops in the Global Economy

Cover of Out of Poverty


Free Market Institute Director, Benjamin Powell, visited campuses, student groups and community groups across the country to promote his book, Out of Poverty: Sweatshops in the Global Economy. Cambridge University Press released the book in March as a volume in the Cambridge Studies in Economics, Cognition and Society series.  Please see below for a listing of the campuses that hosted Dr. Powell.  Where available, links to video of the presentation, press releases or other reports on the visit are provided.


Troy University - September 5, 2013 SFL Dallas Regional Conference - October 19, 2013 Kennesaw State University - February 4, 2014
Wake Forest University - February 5, 2014 Western Carolina University - February 6, 2014 George Mason University - March 4, 2014
Towson University - March 5, 2014 Lubbock Liberty Workshop - March 29, 2014 Michigan State University - March 31, 2014
Kenyon College - April 1, 2014 Ohio State University - April 2, 2014 Wheeling Jesuit University - April 2, 2014
Grove City College - April 3, 2014 Duquesne University - April 3, 2014 Baylor University - April 28, 2014
Southwest Rotary Club - May 5, 2014 University of New England - September 29, 2014 Bridgewater State University - September 30, 2014
Stonehill College - September 30, 2014 Southern Methodist University (Debate) - November 4, 2014  


The Rise and Decline of Economic Freedom and the Establishment of the FMI

In addition to efforts to engage students and professional academics through its teaching and research initiatives, the Free Market Institute also seeks to engage the broader Lubbock community.  Since the official launch of the Institute in March 2013, Director Benjamin Powell has addressed several civic associations in the broader Lubbock area, speaking about the mission, vision and motivations for establishing the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University.  Please see below for a listing of the groups that the Institute has engaged with these presentations.  For video of remarks from the launch of the Institute, please see: Introducing the Free Market Institute.

Lubbock Liberty Workshop - April 27, 2013 Lubbock Economics Council - May 2, 2013 Southwest Rotary Club - August 19, 2013
Lubbock Rotary Club - September 11, 2013 Lubbock Executive Association - October 16, 2013 Lubbock CEO Roundtable - January 18, 2014
  York College of Pennsylvania (Charles Long) - March 18, 2014  


Public Lectures, Conferences and Student Seminars Off Campus and Abroad

If you are interested in hosting a faculty or staff member of the Free Market Institute for a guest lecture or participation in your organization's event, please email Free.Market@ttu.edu or call 806.742.7138.


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