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About the Conference

How economic freedom is improved is much less understood than the benefits freedom provides. Scholars associated with Research on the Origins of Economic Freedom and Prosperity have attempted to address this major gap in our knowledge. If private property and economic freedom are essential for achieving and maintaining a high standard of living, it is crucial to understand specifically how improvements in these areas have been achieved, and if there are lessons that can be replicated in less free areas of the world or less free U.S. states today.

This conference provided a forum for discussion of research that has been conducted as part of the program, as well as for discussion of promising avenues for new research on the program themes.

The conference featured remarks from several distinguished scholars — highlighted by a public program and keynote remarks from William Easterly (New York University), Douglas Irwin (Dartmouth College), and Deirdre McCloskey (University of Illinois at Chicago) — whose research has contributed to scholarly debate about the program themes. Unfortunately, due to illness, Prof. McCloskey was unable to visit and contribute remarks for the program. Peter Boettke (George Mason University) delivered keynote remarks in her place.

Douglas Irwin — The Case for Free Trade Since David Ricardo

Peter Boettke — Regulation and Entrepreneurship

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