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Season Three

EPISODE 10 — Inequality  and  Freedom  of  Speech

EPISODE 9 — Financial Regulation and Bitcoin

EPISODE 8Faith and Freedom and Global Prosperity

EPISODE 7Humanitarian  Aid  and  Rational  Optimism

EPISODE 6Different Legal Systems

EPISODE 5Higher  Education

EPISODE 4The Wild West

EPISODE 3Jails and Drugs

EPISODE 2Texas History and Pirates

EPISODE 1 — International Trade and Sanctions


EPISODE 10 — Inequality and Freedom of Speech

Dr. David Schmidtz and Dr. Donald Downs

Featuring David Schmidtz, Kendrick Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona, and Donald Downs, Alexander Meiklejohn Professor of Political Science, Law, and Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Prof. Powell and Prof. Schmidtz discuss economic and philosophical perspectives on wealth and income inequality. Then, he and Prof. Downs discuss his research on the importance of free speech at colleges and universities and in society more generally.

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EPISODE 9 — Financial Regulations and Bitcoin

Dr. Alexander Salter and Dr. William Luther

Featuring Alexander Salter, Assistant Professor of Economics at Rawls College of Business Administration at Texas Tech University, and William Luther, Assistant Professor of Economics at Kenyon College.

Dr. Robert Murphy guest hosts this episode, in which he and Dr. Salter discuss the political economy of financial regulation. Then, he and Dr. Luther discuss the viability of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, as alternatives to contemporary monetary instruments and institutions.

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EPISODE 8 — Faith and Freedom and Global Prosperity

Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley and Dr. Marshall Stocker

Featuring Anne Bradley, Vice President of Economic Initiatives at The Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics, and Marshall Stocker, Global Macro Equity Strategist and Portfolio Manager at Eaton Vance Management.

Prof. Powell and Dr. Bradley discuss her research on the intersections of economic theory and Christian values and ideals. Then, he and Dr. Stocker discuss the relationships among economic freedom, institutional quality and investment opportunities.

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EPISODE 7 — Humanitarian Aid and Rational Optimism

Dr. Christopher Coyne and Dr. Matt Ridely

Featuring Christopher Coyne, Associate Professor of Economics and Director of Graduate Studies at George Mason University, and Matt Ridley, Member of the Science and Technology Select Committee of the House of Lords in Great Britain.

Prof. Powell and Dr. Coyne discuss research on the effectiveness of humanitarian aid efforts, highlighting the unintended consequences associated with such efforts. Then, he and Dr. Ridley discusses reasons for optimism about the prospects for human advancement.

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EPISODE 6 — Different Legal Systems

Dr. David Friedman and Dr. Peter Leeson

Featuring David Friedman, Professor of Law at Santa Clara University, and Peter Leeson, Duncan Black Professor of Economics and Law at George Mason University.

Prof. Powell discusses legal systems that are very different from our own with Prof. Friedman, focusing on his research on feud systems. Then, he and Prof. Leeson discuss research on other alternative legal systems that have existed.

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EPISODE 5 — Higher Education

Dr. Daniel Bennett and Dr. Lance Nail

Featuring Daniel Bennett, Assistant Professor of Economics at Patrick Henry College, and Lance Nail, Professor of Finance at Texas Tech University.

Prof. Powell discusses the historical origins of higher education in the United States with Dr. Bennett, focusing on the role that both public and private institutions have performed. Then, he and Prof. Nail discuss contemporary issues facing both students and administrators of higher education institutions.

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EPISODE 4 — The Wild West

Dr. P.J. Hill and Dr. Bruce Benson

Featuring P.J. Hill, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Wheaton College, and Bruce Benson, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Florida State University.

Prof. Powell speaks with P.J. Hill about the history of economic development in the American west. Then, he and Prof. Benson discuss violence during the initial period of economic development in the American west and the evolution of criminal justice institutions during that period.

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EPISODE 3 — Jails and Drugs

Dr/ Daniel D'Amico and Dr. Audrey Redford

Featuring Daniel D'Amico, Associate Director of the Political Theory Project at Brown University, and Audrey Redford, Assistant Professor of Economics at Western Carolina University.

Prof. Powell speaks with Daniel D'Amico about his research examining the trends underlying the increase in incarceration rates in the United States over the last 40 years. He also speaks with Audrey Redford about the economics of drug prohibition and their applications to the War on Drugs in the United States.

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EPISODE 2 — Texas History and Pirates

Dr. Phillip Magness and Dr. Peter Leeson

Featuring Phillip Magness, Academic Program Director at the Institute for Humane Studies, and Peter Leeson, Duncan Black Professor of Economics and Law at George Mason University.

Prof. Powell speaks with Phillip Magness about the history of settlement and the history of political economy in Texas more broadly. He also speaks with Peter Leeson about his research investigating the emergence of constitutional forms of governance aboard pirate ships.

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EPISODE 1 — International Trade and Sanctions

Dr. Robert Murphy and Dr. Dominic Parker

Featuring Robert Murphy, Research Assistant Professor at the Free Market Institute (FMI) at Texas Tech University, and Dominic Parker, Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin- Madison.

Prof. Powell discusses the case for international free trade with Dr. Murphy. Then, he and Dr. Parker discuss research on the unintended consequences associated with economic sanctions.

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