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Fraternity and Sorority Life recognizes the first priority of attending college is to attain a well-rounded education. Fraternity and sorority chapters provide a support system for students that encourage positive study habits, academic integrity and useful time management skills. Many chapters offer free tutoring, peer mentors, scholarships and incentives for success in the classroom.

Traditionally the fraternity and sorority community grade point average (GPA) is higher than that of the All University Average.

Fraternity and Sorority Life acknowledges the community's highest achieving chapters each semester in our Fraternity and Sorority Grade Report. Reports from past semesters can be found below.

Fall 2017

University Statistics

Demographic Number of Students Term GPA
All Undergraduate GPA 30,567 2.91
All FSL GPA 4,650 2.89
Undergraduate Female GPA 14,147 3.06
Sorority GPA 2,824 3.06
Undergraduate Male GPA 16,420 2.78
Fraternity GPA 2,022 2.77

Council Statistics

Council Active Average GPA New Member Average GPA Council Average GPA
IFC 2.849 2.589 2.75
MGC 2.806 3.081 2.914
NPHC 3.046 2.236 2.807
PH 3.252 3.063 3.186

4.0 Performance

Council Number for Term 4.0s Percent of Council with a 4.0
IFC 85 15.60%
MGC 17 3.12%
NPHC 2 0.37%
PH 441 80.92%
545 Fraternity & Sorority Life Students with a 4.0 - 11.72%

Chapter Performance 

Council Most 4.0s Highest GPA Greatest Improvement
IFC Pi Kappa Alpha(14) Kappa Delta Rho (3.073) Phi Iota Alpha
MGC Delta Epsilon Psi (4) Delta Kappa Delta (3.286) Lambda Theta Alpha 
NPHC Kappa Alpha Psi (1) Delta Sigma Theta (3.169) Delta Sigma Theta
PH Pi Beta Phi (71) Kappa Alpha Theta (3.427) N/A

Full Grade Reports



Spring 2018 Grade Report Timeline:

  • May 9th: Last Day of Chapter Corrections (Roster Updates)
  • May 21st: Final Grades are Due Via Raiderlink (From Professors)
  • June 4th: FSL Grade Report is Run (CCL)
  • June 15th: Last Day for Grade Report to be sent out to the chapters (FSL will Email Presidents and Advisors)
  • June 29th: Last Day of Chapter Deadlines for Corrections (Chapters will turn into FSL)
  • July 20th: Final Day FSL Grade Report Due (FSL will Email Presidents and Advisors and Post on Website)

National, Local and Regional FSL Scholarships

Fraternity and Sorority Life is committed to connecting students to resources to help further their academic pursuits. Please click here for national, local, and regional scholarships for FSL Students.