Systems and Property Inventory

Property Management Department's primary focus is to provide support and assistance to the campus through the following services:

  • Report and reconcile values to the State Property Accounting Office.
  • Conduct and monitor the Annual Physical Inventory, and audit the reports submitted by the university departments.
  • Locate and tag all university equipment as it is purchased and received by departments.
  • Provide inventory information to department personnel.

Financial Services & Tax:
Procurement Services:
Property Management  Surplus Property
Drane Hall, Room 215 Drane Hall, Room 350
Mail Stop:  41091
Address:  Box 41091
       Lubbock, TX 79409

Phone:  806.742.2970
Fax:  806.742.0066
Mail Stop:  41108
Address:  Box 41108
       Lubbock, TX 79409

Phone:  806.742.3844
Fax:  806.742.4244