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World, Rivers, Description, Credits


This layer contains major rivers and lake centerlines located around the world. This polygon file is intended for medium scale thematic mapping and analysis.



The spatial data were obtained from the Natural Earth website. The data originated primarily from the World Data Bank 2 with additions from other various sources, primarily imagery. The data are suitable for making relatively generalized maps of countries and regions and are intended for use at a scale no larger than 1:50,000,000. Attributes were modified to include scalerank, type, name, and note. . The coordinate system of this data is WGS 1984.

"Double line rivers in WDB2 were digitized to created single line drainages. All rivers received manual smoothing and position adjustments to fit shaded relief generated from SRTM Plus elevation data, which is more recent and (presumably) more accurate. Lake centerlines obtained by manually drawing connecting segments in reservoirs. When available, Admin 0 and 1 political boundaries in reservoirs serve as the lake centerlines. Ranked by relative importance. Includes name and line width attributes for creating tapered drainages. No additional geoprocessing was perfomed on this layer by the TTU CGST." - Natural Earth


Center for Geospatial Technology, Texas Tech University
Natural Earth

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West  -165.243939    East  176.325806
North  73.334904    South  -50.240137

Scale Range
Maximum (zoomed in)  1:5,000
Minimum (zoomed out)  1:150,000,000

ArcGIS Metadata 

Topics and Keywords 

*Content type  Downloadable Data


*Title WRD_Rivers_Medium_NE

Presentation formats* digital map

Resource Details 

Dataset languages* English (UNITED STATES)

Spatial representation type* vector

*Processing environment Microsoft Windows 7 Version 6.1 (Build 7601) Service Pack 1; Esri ArcGIS

Center for Geospatial Technology, Texas Tech University
Natural Earth

ArcGIS item properties
*Name WRD_Rivers_Medium_NE
*Location file://\\cgstdb\CGSTGeognet\Geognet\Geognet2014\WRDLayers2014\WRD_Hydrology\WRD_Hydrology.gdb
*Access protocol Local Area Network


Geographic extent
Bounding rectangle
Extent type  Extent used for searching
*West longitude -165.243939
*East longitude 176.325806
*North latitude 73.334904
*South latitude -50.240137
*Extent contains the resource Yes

Extent in the item's coordinate system
*West longitude -165.243939
*East longitude 176.325806
*South latitude -50.240137
*North latitude 73.334904
*Extent contains the resource Yes

Spatial Reference 

ArcGIS coordinate system
*Type Geographic
*Geographic coordinate reference GCS_WGS_1984
*Coordinate reference details
Geographic coordinate system
Well-known identifier 4326
X origin -400
Y origin -400
XY scale 11258999068426.238
Z origin -100000
Z scale 10000
M origin -100000
M scale 10000
XY tolerance 8.983152841195215e-009
Z tolerance 0.001
M tolerance 0.001
High precision true
Left longitude -180
Latest well-known identifier 4326
Well-known text GEOGCS["GCS_WGS_1984",DATUM["D_WGS_1984",SPHEROID["WGS_1984",6378137.0,298.257223563]],PRIMEM["Greenwich",0.0],UNIT["Degree",0.0174532925199433],METADATA["World",-180.0,-90.0,180.0,90.0,0.0,0.0174532925199433,0.0,1262],AUTHORITY["EPSG",4326]]

Reference system identifier
*Value 4326
*Codespace EPSG
*Version 8.2.6

Spatial Data Properties 

*Level of topology for this dataset  geometry only

Geometric objects
Feature class name WRD_Rivers_Medium_NE
*Object type  composite
*Object count 460

ArcGIS Feature Class Properties
Feature class name WRD_Rivers_Medium_NE
*Feature type Simple
*Geometry type Polyline
*Has topology FALSE
*Feature count 460
*Spatial index TRUE
*Linear referencing FALSE


Distribution format
*Name File Geodatabase Feature Class


Details for object WRD_Rivers_Medium_NE 
*Type Feature Class
*Row count 460

*Data type OID
*Width 4
*Precision 0
*Scale 0
*Field description
Internal feature number.

*Description source

*Description of values
Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated.

Field Shape
*Alias Shape
*Data type Geometry
*Width 0
*Precision 0
*Scale 0
*Field description
Feature geometry.

*Description source

*Description of values
Coordinates defining the features.

Field scalerank
*Alias scalerank
*Data type SmallInteger
*Width 2
*Precision 0
*Scale 0

Field featurecla
*Alias featurecla
*Data type String
*Width 30
*Precision 0
*Scale 0

Field name
*Alias name
*Data type String
*Width 200
*Precision 0
*Scale 0

Field note
*Alias note
*Data type String
*Width 200
*Precision 0
*Scale 0

Field Shape_Length
*Alias Shape_Length
*Data type Double
*Width 8
*Precision 0
*Scale 0
*Field description
Length of feature in internal units.

*Description source

*Description of values
Positive real numbers that are automatically generated.

Metadata Details 

*Metadata language English (UNITED STATES)
*Metadata character set  utf8 - 8 bit UCS Transfer Format

Scope of the data described by the metadata* dataset
Scope name* dataset

*Last update 2015-01-05

ArcGIS metadata properties
Metadata format ArcGIS 1.0
Metadata style Item Description
Standard or profile used to edit metadata ItemDescription

Created in ArcGIS for the item 2014-12-12 12:48:38
Last modified in ArcGIS for the item 2015-01-05 93:31:10

Automatic updates
Have been performed Yes
Last update 2015-01-05 09:32:38

FGDC Metadata (read-only) 

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