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Bachelor of Science Degree

Geology Concentration (B.S. or B.A.). This concentration offers students the choice of either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Geophysics Concentration (B.S.). The Bachelor of Science degree allows students to prepare for employment as a professional geophysicist or enter a graduate program in geophysics, atmospheric sciences, or related areas. Unlike geology, the geophysics concentration includes only a Bachelor of Science. It requires a minor in mathematics, physics, atmospheric sciences, geology, engineering, or an approved composite of courses from these fields. The courses required for the geophysics concentration will vary depending on the chosen minor (or adjunct classes) but must include the following in either the major, minor or adjunct: GEOL 1303, 1101, 2303, 3310, 3402, 4101; either GEOL 4312 or ATMO 4312; GPH 2333, 4321, 4323; CHEM 1307, 1107; PHYS 1408, 2401; MATH 1351 or 1451, 1352 or 1452, 2350 or 2450, 2360 and 3350; CE 2301 and either CE 3303 or 3305. In the event that courses from the above list are used in the minor, elective courses to total about 39 hours in the major may be chosen from the list of approved major electives available from the department. The senior research project (GEOL 4312 or ATMO 4312) must be in a field related to geophysics or atmospheric sciences.

Example Curricula for Geology and Geophysics Concentrations

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