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The 2011 Eurogranites field excursion will be held in north-central Norway. The theme of the excursion will be: “Neoproterozoic through Silurian Magmatic and Tectonic Evolution of western Iapetus: the Bindal Batholith and Helgeland Nappe Complex”.

The excursion will present the geologic development of the Caledonian Helgeland Nappe Complex (HNC) of the Uppermost Allochthon. The HNC is the structurally highest nappe complex in the Norwegian Caledonides and did not undergo ultra-high-pressure metamorphism before or during Scandian orogenesis (c. 425-395 Ma.). Therefore, its component nappes and magmatic complexes retain a pre-Scandian history that is much easier to read than in rocks that underwent UHP metamorphism. A consensus has emerged that the HNC nappes and intrusive Bindal Batholith formed on the western side of the Iapetus Ocean basin. Development of the HNC is broadly correlative with Grampian-aged activity in northern Scotland and Ireland, and with Taconian activity in the Appalachians of Laurentia (i.e., ~470-440 Ma.). The goals of the excursion are to (1) introduce the nappe structure of the HNC, the nature of known basement rocks, the provenance of metasedimentary rocks, and the timing of metamorphism, (2) study examples of pre-Scandian magmatic activity (Bindal Batholith; Leka ophiolite), magma emplacement, and magma sources/contamination, (3) study the relationships between magmatism and deformation, (4) study the evidence for post-Scandian exhumation of the HNC, and (5) place all of this information into a broad tectonic context.

Field Trip Dates
Participants will meet on June 26 , 2011, in Brønnøysund and the excursion will run from June 27–July 1, ending in Trondheim. This timing is set to precede the Seventh Hutton Symposium (4–9 July, 2011) and participants will have ample time to make travel connections to Avila, Spain. Brønnøysund may be reached by a regional air carrier, Widerøe, from Trondheim and oslo. by bus, and by the Hurtigrute (Coast Liner). Limited travel by van from Trondheim will also be possible. Air travel should be booked s early as possiblelt to obtain the best faries. Accommodations will be in Brønnøysund hotls for the nights of June 26-29 and in rustic cabins on Leka June 30. Participants should anticipate return to the Trondheim airport (Værnes) by 15:00 on July 1.

FEE: 800 Euros

Field Trip Leaders
Calvin Barnes and Aaron Yoshinobu (contact persons; both at Texas Tech University), Carol Frost (Univ. of Wyoming), Øystein Nordgulen (Norwegian Geological Survey), Tore Prestvik (Univ. of Trondheim) & Håkon Austrheim (Univ. of Oslo). Further details will be posted at: a http://www.depts.ttu.edu/gesc/Bindal-2011/Bindal-2011.html. Prospective participants are invited to contact either Calvin Barnes (cal.barnes@ttu.edu) or Aaron Yoshinobu (aaron.yoshinobu@ttu.edu) with questions.

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