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The Geosciences Department holds weekly Seminars on fridays from 3:30-4:30 PM in room 234. Refreshments are served 15 minutes before the scheulded presentation.

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17 January • Dr. Harold Gurrola, TTU

7 March • Dr.Greg Davis, University of Southern California,

25 April • Dr.Whitney Behr, UT Austin


More speakers to be announced!



27 September • Dr. Cynthia Sorrensen, TTU. "Deepening the dialectic landscape: Flooding, tunnels, and the future of insecurities in the U.S. Mexico Borderlands

19 September • Dr. Darby Dyer, Mars Science Team, Munt Holyoke College. "A year in the life of Curiosity on Mars",

More speakers to be announced!


22 Feb. • Dr. George Asquith, Department of Geosciences, TTU, "Oil & Gas Economic Analysis: Small Prospects"

26 Feb. • Dr. TrondSlagstad, Norwegian Geological Survey, "Redefining the Sveconorwegian orogen from collional to accretionary; Implicatons for mineral depostis and Rodinia reconstructions."

8 March • Dr. Aaron Yoshinobu, Department of Geosciences, TTU, "Batholith tectonic; Perspectives on the assembly of batholiths".

12 April • Dr. Jennifer Moore-Kucera, Department of Plant and Soil Science, TTU. TBA

More speakers to be announced!



28 Sept. • Dr. George Asquith, Department of Geosciences, TTU, "Organoporosity vs. mineral matrix porosity in the calculation of reserves in shale reservoirs".

21 Sept. • Dr. Sue Hovorka, Gulf Coast Carbon Cener, Bureau of Economic Geology, UT Austin.

26 Oct. • Dr. Matt Kohn, Department of Geosciences, Boise State University, "Making the Himalaya: Oozing, squashing or sliding".

26 Oct. • Dr. Matt Kohn, Department of Geosciences, Boise State University, How to become a fossil: A geochemis'ts guide".

9 Nov. • Dr. John G. Sclater, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, "The heat flow anomaly across the ocean continent transition".


3 Feb. • Dr. Steve Holbrook, University of Wyoming. Arcs, continents & the andesite paradox

24 Feb. • Dr. Andrew Jackson, Department of Civil Engineering,TTU, Occurrence and stable isotopic variation of ClO4 in hyper-arid desert.

2 March • Dr. Yanzhang Ma, Department of Mechanical Engineering, TTU.Diamond anvil cell: A window into the Earth's interior

23 March • Dr. Juske Horita, Department of Geosciences, TTU. Deep carbon observatory: What, where, why and how?

27 April • Dr. Kerry V. Magruder, Curator, History of science Collections, The John H. and Drusa B. Cable Chair, University of Oklahoma Libraries. Global Visions: Depictions of Spaceship Earth before Apollo. To see some of the fascinating maps and images, go here.





26 August • New Graduate Student "Meet-n-Greet"

2 September • Dr. George Asquith, Texas Tech University. Hydrocarbon-bearing shales: The Future

30 September • Dr. Alfonso Davila, NASA. Searching for the limits of Life on Earth (and not being able to find them).

21 October • Dr. Barbara John, University of Wyoming. Constraints on spreading rates, cooling and faulting histories, and modes of crustal accretion in slow spread ocean lithosphere.

28 October • Dr. James Ward, Angelo State University.

2 December • Dr. Jay Miller, IODP and Texas A&M University. New perspectives on ocean drilling and IODP.



21 January Dr. Tom Lehman, Texas Tech University. Geology of the Llano Estacado


18 February Dr. Michael Williams, University of Mass. Amherst. A field trip to the deep crust: New tools and new interpretations from North America's largest sample of continental lower crust, Athabasca Granulite Terrane, Canada.

25 March Dr. James Ward, San Angelo Statate University

1 April Dr. Greg Roselle, Sandia National Labs. Geochemical Studies in Support of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. Note special time of 2 PM.

15 April. Dr. Robert Miller, California State University San Jose. The North Cascades and Sierra Nevada Crustal Sections: Insights into Magmatism and Deformation in the Middle to Lower Crust

29 April Dr. Greg Dumond, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Crustal-scale shear zones, rheology, and srain localization: Insights on Tibet from the Canadian Shield.





10 September. Dr. Elena Miranda, Cal State University, Northridge. Oceanic Core Complex Development in Modern and Ancient Oceanic Lithosphere

24 September Dr. George Asquith, Texas Tech University. Application of triaxial induction logs in the analysis of thin-bedded sandstone reservoirs

15 October. Dr. Nigel Kelly, Colorado School of Mines. Zircon: More than just a chronometer!

8 November Dr. David Dobson, University College, London. Mineralogical Society Distinguished Lecturer.

  • How Juicy is the Earth's Core? Reconciling mineral physics and seismological observations.
  • Deforming the Earth: Runny solids in the deep mantle.



22 January. Multicomponent seismology: Is it time to revisit traveltime inversion? Dr. Steve Danbom, Danbom Geophysics, Inc. & Rice University.

29 January. Dr. Mike Murphy, Syncollisional extension and landscape evolution of the Himalayan orogen. University of Houston. CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER.

19 February.Tectonic evolution of Enceladus: ice streaming, diapirs and subcrustal water by Ms. Chloe Beddingfield and Dr. Aaron Yoshinobu, Department of Geosciences, Texas Tech University.

26 February. Crustal evolution in the Gulf of California and Salton Trough. Dr. Gary Axen, Earth and Environmental Sciences, New Mexico Tech, Soccoro, NM.

12 March. TBA. Dr. Qinhong (Max) Hu, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Texas, Arlington.

25 March. Stable Isotopes in Earth Sciences. Dr. J.K. Bohlke, U.S. Geological Survey.

26 March. A case study in business development in Geosciences. Dr. Dennis Bell, TERRA Dynamics, INC.

2 April. A standardized framework for evaluating simulation of regional dynamics and climate in coupled atmosphere-ocean models by Katharine Hayhoe, Associate Research Professor, Department of Geosciences, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.

9 April. TBA.

16 April. Effects of mesoscale and strom-sscale vortices on West Texas heat bursts. by Trevor Boucher, Texas Tech University.

23 April. Magmatism and tectonics of ultra slow spreading ridges by Dr. Jon Snow, University of Houston.

30 April. Recent (2001-09) hydrologic history and regionalization studies in Texas - Statistical characterization of storms, floods, and rainfall-runoff relations By Dr. William H. Asquith, Research Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey.




28 August A short geological history of the Picos De Europa National Park, Northern Spain by Silvia Blanco-Ferrera, University of Oviedo, Asurias, Spain.

4 September Dr. George Asquith, Texas Tech Unversity.

6 November A study of seismic source functions by Dr. Hua-wei Zhou, Pevehouse Chair and Professor, Texas Tech University.



9 January Ca. 1635 Ma. bimodal rapakivi volcanism associated with the locus classical rapakivi granites: The island of Suursaari, Gulf of Finland, Russia by Professor Tapani Rämö, Department of Geology, University of Helsinki, Finland.

20 February Rheology of the lithosphere by Dr. Greg Hirth, Brown University.

27 February Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: A New Paradigm in Geochemical Analysis by Dr. Nancy McMillan, Department of Geological Sciences, New Mexico State University.



Thematic Symposia: The Geology & Tectonics of Texas and Surrounding Environs

29 August

5 September A Texas-sized Overview of the Tectonics of Texas & Surrounding Environs by Dr. Aaron Yoshinobu, TTU Geosciences.

12 September
***NOTE: West TX. Geol. Soc. Mtg. 10-12 Sept.

19 September

26 September

3 October Geology of the Permian Reef Complex, Guadalupe Mountains by Dr. Pete Holterhoff, TTU Geosciences.
***NOTE: GSA Annual Mtg. in Houston 5-9 Oct.

10 October Mississippian, Permian, and Cretaceous Ooid Grainstones in Texas by Dr. G.B. Asquith, TTU Geosciences

17 October Proterozoic Basement Rocks of Texas and New Mexico by Dr. Melanie Barnes, TTU Geosciences.

24 October Title TBA, by Dr. Steve Grand, U.T. Austin

31 October Volcanoes & Seismology of the Southern Rio Grande Rift by Dr. Cal Barnes, TTU Geosciences.

7 November Heat Flow and Geologic Setting of the Continental Shelf and Slope off shore Texas by Dr. Seiichi Nagihara, TTU Geosciences.

14 November Environmental Isotope Forensics of Perchlorate Contamination in west Texas by Dr. Moira Ridley, TTU Geosciences.

21 November Title TBA, by Dr. Thomas Lehman, TTU Geosciences