Homepage for Structural Geology (GEOS 3402-001) • 2012



GEOL 3402
LECTURE: MWF 1-1:50 PM, Room SCI 234, LAB: T/TH: 2-5 PM, Room 201 "Structure Lab"
Professor: Aaron Yoshinobu, aaron.yoshinobu@ttu.edu
TA: Jeremy Deans, jeremy.deans@ttu.edu

Syllabus (.pdf)

Week 1:

In addition to the materials in your lab book, check these out:

Strike, Dip, Plunge, Trend, Apparent Dip:

Brunton Compasses:

Here's a .pdf of the Geologic Time Scale. Be sure you know the Eon's, Era's, System Period's and Series for the Phanerozoic and Eon's and Era's for the "Precambrian. You should also know the approximate absolute dates for boundaries between these. You will be quizzed on this (check your syllabus for the quiz date). International Stratigraphic Chart (IUGS-ICS), v. 2004.

Week n + 1:

Here is a "kindergarten" cut-out exercise on normal faults to do over the weekend. (pdf) Please bring your restored sections to class on Monday, 24 September.

Week n + 2:

Here is a pdf on fold and thrust belts to go along with our discussion today.

31 October 2012:

Regarding the rheology lecture today, here is a paper on the "jelly sandwich" model by Jackson from GSA Today. (.pdf)

7 November 2012 update:

Pdfs of the Estadio Canyon topo map and Hiway 60 topo map.

13 November 2012 updates:

  1. Here are a couple of examples of field maps that I made in an advanced mapping course I took with Greg Davis way "back in the day". I have added a few comments in Acrobat. These can provide you an example of how you might present your final map. (.pdf)
  2. Here are a couple of examples of kink-band cross sections constructed using dip domains. Also included is a students verbal description of his methods and an example of how the section was "balanced". (.pdf)

15 November 2012 update:

I have uploaded a larger version of the Hiway 60 topo map. It may be easier to place your data on this map. Apologies. If you have already completed your map on the previous version that is fine.

20 November 2012 update:

Here's a pdf that describes the details of what remains for the report. This pdf includes additional structural information that you should consider including in your stereonet analysis.

Here is a link to the .zip file of images.

Lastly, here's a revised hiway 60 topo sheet WITHOUT the white blank space for a legend, in case you want your legend on a separate page.

I would like you to make an annotated image of the pano with the file name, "Seds-fold-S-view-pano.jpg" in the Day 2 folder. Have a nice Turkey Day.