UPDATED 4 Dec. 2013

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GEOL 3305, Structural Analysis of Hydrocarbon Systems.
CRN: 24502 - GEOL 3305 - 001 - ROOM: PE121
Dr. Aaron Yoshinobu - Office SCI 231 - aaron.yoshinobu@ttu.edu

OFFICE HOURS: Go here. Syllabus: Go here. Tentative Course and Lab Schedule: here.

Lab Sections:

Sec 501 T 2-4:50 SCI 225 TA: Katie Gates   Sec 504 TH 2-4:50 PM SCI 225 TA: Dave Manoukian
Sec 502 T 6-8:50 PM SCI 225 TA: Alec Dotzer Sec 507 W 6-8:50 PM SCI 238 TA: Alec Dotzer Sec 503 TH 6-8:50 PM SCI 239 TA: Katie Gates
Sec 505 T 6-8:50 PM SCI 239TA: Dave Manoukian Sec 508 W 6-8:50 PM SCI 239 TA: Ryan Berry Sec 506 TH 6-8:50 PM SCI 225: TA: Ryan Berry

Ryan Berry, Email: ryan.berry@ttu.edu, Office: SCI-235
Katie Gates, Email: katie.gates@ttu.edu, Office: SCI-229
David Manoukian, Email: david_manoukian@hotmail.com, Office: SCI-330
Alec Dotzer, Email: alec.dotzer@ttu.edu, Office: SCI-227

AAPG References on line: http://archives.datapages.com/data/browse/aapg-bulletin/

LAB "PRELABS" must be downloaded, printed and read BEFORE the laboratory meeting time. You must bring the prelab to the lab. You may be quizzed on the prelab material.

Week 1: Prelab (pdf)

Geologic Time Scale (PDF). You will be tested on the Eon's, Era's, Period's, Epoch's as well as the beginning and ending age (to nearest million years) of each of these divisions through the entire Phanerozoic. You do not need to memorize the Stage/Age's nor their numerical ages.

Week 2: Prelab (pdf)

4 Sept. - Here's a .zip file with some movies and a topomap that helps to visualize outcrop patterns & topography.

Week 3: Prelab (pdf)

9 Sept. - Here's the .ppt file of topography and geologic map patterns used in today's lecture.

11 Sept. - Harding and Lowell, 1979 from the AAPG Bulletin! Read it over and we'll have a light quiz on it on the monday after 18 Sept.

Week 4: Prelab - Structure Contours (pdf)

Example of anticline and normal fault structure contour map.

Week 5: Some examples of geologic maps, contour maps, oblique views, and structure contours.

  • Monday, 23 Sept.:
      To the right is a .tiff of the fold discussed in class. Chabot Anticline
      Here is a summary pdf of the rev. fault contour lecture.
      Below is a structure contour of the top, fw and cross section as described in class. (From LeRosy, 1951)

Week 7: Prelab on Sedimentary Rocks!

PDF of power point on the introduction to Thrust Systems.

PDF of Revised course schedule up to the first mid term.

Study your notes, get in study groups and quiz each other, and read the chapters or sections that pertain to the content we have discussed in class! Good Luck!

For the test bring pencils, color pencils a straigh-edge, a trig calculator and a fresh mind!

Week 8: Monday. Man, aren't you glad that exam is over?!?!?!

Wednesday: Here are the pdf files for the homework (kindergarten...) and the duplex handout I gave in class. The homework assignment, restoring the two sections in the "kindergarten....pdf" file is due at the beginning of your lab section.

Week 9: Monday, 21 October: More on fold and thrust belts. Be sure to read Boyer and Elliot (1982) that can be downloaded from the TTU AAPG webarchive.

NO LAB MEETING THIS WEEK (22, 23, 24 October). HOWEVER, be sure to turn in your rock descriptions lab and the "kindergarten" homework to your TA by the regular meeting time of your lab.

We WILL HAVE LAB NEXT WEEK (29, 30, 31 October).


Here is a scan of my annotated notes from last Wednesday.

And, here are some movies of thrust faults, courtesy of Rick Allmendinger.

Lastly, here is a pdf of some EXCELLENT notes from one of your PE student colleagues. These notes are from LAST YEAR and so don't assume that we'll cover everything contained. Rather, take a look at these and note how the student re-wrote the notes and then annotated them. This is how you want to take notes and study for all of your classes.

Friday, 25 October.

Here's Lab 7 Prelab on failure envelopes for 29, 30, and/or 31 October. Be sure to read prior to lab on next week.

WEDNESDAY, 30 October.

Here's the revised schedule for the course with some revisions to the readings, etc.


Here's prelab 08: Jello Fracture! Be sure to PRINT THIS, READ IT, AND BRING TO YOUR LAB!

Monday 4 NOVEMBER: pdf of today's notes.

Wednesday 6 NOVEMBER: Here is a pdf of today's notes. These are from when I taught this class as a PhD student at USC way back when... But, they bascially cover what we discussed today. If you didn't get the 2 handouts in class today, there are copies in a box outside of my office.

Recall, MIDTERM 2 is next wednesday.

MONDAY, 18 Nov. Here's the LAST PRELAB OF THE SEMESTER! YAY!!!!! Please download this and print in color for lab. (pdf)

MONDAY, 2 Dec. Here's a .ppt file from the Perm Basin lectures.


  • Here's the Ward et al., 1986 paper that has the cool cross section of the Permian Basin. The other figures that were handed out on monday may be found in the power point file posted on monday.
  • Mid-term 1 copy with worked problems. (will be added soon)
  • Mid-term 2 copy with worked problems. (will be added soon)
  • Copy of Lab 9 Mohr Circle exercises. (pdf)
  • File of html and related materials concerning the Guadalupe Reef Complex. (.zip file)