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Below are a few panoramas and images of the Helgeland Nappe Complex and Bindal Batholith. Some of these regions will be visited during the Eurogranites 2011 Field Trip, 27 June to 1 July, 2011.

View of the Andalshatten granodioriteNorthward view of the granodiorite of the 442 Ma. Andalshatten pluton. Brown alps and exposures represent calcsilicate screens 'floating' in the pluton.

Deformed calcsilicate screen in granodiorite.Deformed screen in the Andalshatten granodiorite. This outcrop will be visited by the Eurogranites paricipants in this June.

South coast of the Andalshatten pluton across Veljford.View to the north from Highway 76 across Velfjord to the southern end of the Andalshatten pluton. Participants will take a ferry across Velfjord and visit exposures on the west (left) side of this image that crop out along the road and seashore.

Southeast coast of Vega.Southern coast of the island of Vega, apart from being a world heritage site for its unique acheological sites, it is also one of the largest "S-type" granites in the world and contains some of the most diverse residual and incorporated enclaves in any pluton on Earth! We will visit a number of roadside and seashore outcrops with spectacuar exposures of these diverse rocks.


Tosenfjord from Highway 76.Panoramic view of Tosenfjord from Highway 76.

The Seven SistersPanoramic view from the north of de Syv Sostre, or Seven Sisters. A probably ~470 Ma gneissic granite north of the Andalshatten pluton.

Leka OphioliteLeka ophiolite with the fins of the Heilhornet pluton in the distance.

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